Australian senator claims Australian broadcasters are ‘grooming’ children after storytime appearance of drag queen

Australian senators have accused Australia’s national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), of “grooming children” during a heated Senate hearing.

During a Senate hearing on Tuesday, South Australian Liberal Senator Alex Antic brought up a recent episode of ABC’s Play School Story Time read by famous Australian drag queen Courtney Act. .

Play School Story Time is a long-running show popular with Australian children, featuring celebrities reading stories from the show’s Story Time sofas.

The episode that had a G rating showed Act reading a book called The Spectacular Suit where a girl wanted to wear a suit for her birthday instead of a dress.

“It’s almost Frankie’s birthday and everything is ready except what to wear. Her party dress is all in a bad mood. Her family tries to help, but it’s not good,” the book description reads. I’m here.

“Franky longs for a suit.

“Can Frankie find the clothes of her dreams?”

Antic said the story was “about a girl who wants to wear boys’ clothes” and that a G rating was unacceptable.

“Why is ABC grooming Australian children with this kind of adult content?” he asked.

Green Senators defend ABC

However, left-wing Greens Senator Sarah Hanson Young defended the program against accusations, declaring that the antics were merely trying to make headlines.

“Grooming is a really serious problem.

“I think sexual assault survivors across this country are deeply offended by your playing politics.”

In addition, ABC’s managing director David Anderson also refuted this claim, saying that there was no lower-tier agenda and that the story was just about dressing up.

“What we do is dress up,” he replied.

The act of wearing clothes designed for the opposite sex is commonly referred to as cross-dressing. It is an act promoted by transgender and queer gender activists who advocate for gender segregation and rejection of traditional notions of men and women.

Predators using drag shows

Meanwhile, as drag queen shows for children become more popular in the United States, predators are using their performance style to try to keep them around, according to an October study by The Epoch Times. became clear.

of In June 2022, Brice Patric Ryschon Williams was a drag queen who apparently danced for kids. Indicted on 25 counts of child pornography in Pennsylvania.

This follows a March 2019 revelation by a group called Mass Resistance. Exposing Alberto Garza—A 32-year-old drag queen who read to children under the name Tatiana Mara Nina at the Houston Public Library’s Drag Queen Storytime was convicted of assaulting an 8-year-old boy in 2008. was a sex offender. .

Patricia Tolson contributed to this article.

Nina Nguyen


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