Australian State Government Checks COVID-19 Lock Download Map After Installation of New Premier

The unblocked New South Wales (NSW) roadmap will be reviewed by the state crisis cabinet along with the newly installed Premier Dominique Perotet, suggesting that some requirements may be adjusted.

Perotet, sworn on Tuesday, will meet with health officials and his crisis cabinet on Wednesday to consider plans for the state to emerge from the blockade in the months following October 11.

His government’s first challenge is to navigate the path from the blockade that began in Greater Sydney over 15 weeks ago.

“There are many areas on the roadmap that can be seen,” Perotet told Sydney Radio 2GB on Wednesday.

The crisis cabinet will meet Wednesday morning after the people vote for the new leader.

The winner will replace John Barillaro as Deputy Prime Minister.

Kuomintang Deputy Leader Paul Toole is widely advised to get a top job ahead of rival Melinda Pavie, Minister of Water, Property and Housing.

New South Wales will begin abandoning its blockage bindings on Monday after reaching a milestone of twice 70% of COVID-19 vaccination for over 16 years.

Key to the transition is the economic recovery plan announced by Premier this week and the state’s ability to handle the expected surge in COVID-19 cases when regulations are relaxed.

Mr Perotet said the economy was hit hard during the blockade that began in June, but the state expects it to “recover very quickly.”

“During the summer when we head to December and start our business … we will have a very bright summer,” he said.

“What we see is a stronger economy on the other side.”

Perotet also decided to bring workers back to the office and bring the major CBD to life “this year, and as soon as possible,” but admitted that forced masking in the office was an obstacle.

The roadmap requires masks in indoor environments until December.

The prime minister was reluctant to say whether he would demand that the requirement be abolished early.

“I don’t want to anticipate the decision yet. There will be a cabinet meeting this afternoon and we will get over it,” he said.

“There are some issues I would like to raise with the health authorities.”

Perotet also said blockades would be a last resort in the event of an outbreak, as state immunization rates continue to rise.

As of midnight on Monday, 88.6 percent of people over the age of 16 had at least one vaccination and 67.7 percent were fully vaccinated.