Australian state hospital visit rules allow families to visit dying loved ones

New South Wales (NSW) hospital visit rules have been relaxed to allow families to see loved ones who are seriously ill, dead, or giving birth.

New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrott has announced a change, saying there is a “subtle balance” between paying attention in a hospital’s high-risk environment and making it accessible to people. did.

“But in the end, we want to make sure that compassion is the main focus as we move forward,” Perotet said. I told reporters On thursday. “And we want a situation where there are patients at their end of life and their caregivers, their loved ones, are there for those apparently very special moments.”

The revised guidelines will support allowing visits rather than limiting them if they are “beneficial to the mental or physical health of the patient, including women giving birth.”

The rules became stricter under the restrictions introduced during the outbreak of Omicron, and some families lost their last moments with their loved ones.

However, this applies only to those who have been completely vaccinated, and those who have not been vaccinated twice with COVID-19 will continue to be banned from visiting the hospital.

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NSW Prime Minister Dominique Perotet speaks to the media at a press conference on February 7, 2022 at the Stone and Chalk Startup Hub in Sydney, Australia. (AAPImage / Bianca De Marchi)

“Clearly, in the process of this ever-changing pandemic, there were constantly changing rules and guidance for hospital visitors, which was challenging,” said Health Minister Brad Hazard.

Hazard said the restrictions on visitors to the hospital were “very terrible” because he had personal contact with many people who had deceased families.

“Obviously, the act of balancing is trying to ensure that we allow access. [to loved ones] But the patient is actually kept safe, “he said.

It’s a hazard Hot interview Allowed 2GB radio host and visit changes on February 9th.

Meanwhile, Perotet also announced that after resumption of surgery at private and non-metropolitan hospitals on Monday, resumption of elective surgery at public hospitals in Sydney will be a government priority.

“We have people who have shown tremendous patience in postponing the surgery,” he said.

The state is also on the road to ease the restrictions reintroduced in response to Omicron on February 27, such as indoor mask obligations and density restrictions.

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