Australian state leaders defend Beijing against federal criticism

Western Australia (WA) Prime Minister Mark Magawan again opposed Australia’s federal-level dialogue criticizing Beijing and instead urged the government to restore relations with the Chinese administration.

McGowan also said he hopes to return to China once the border is opened.

In a speech by the Australian Economic Development Commission on December 1, the Premier of Western Australia lamented the federal government for causing a “more difficult” relationship with China.

“Several languages ‚Äč‚Äčnationwide … again, something like this about going to war, I don’t understand it. I don’t understand why politicians speak that way. I don’t think it’s necessary. “I will.” McGowan reported. skynews..

“One is unnecessary and two are inaccurate, so it doesn’t make sense and is actually quite counterproductive,” he said. “I urge everyone engaged in such a language to stop being irresponsible.”

This was after Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton expressed concern about Beijing’s “warning” actions due to repeated cyber activities against foreign governments due to his attitude towards the South China Sea and Taiwan. Peace and reality.

However, McGowan emphasized that it is Australia’s best interests to engage with China on more favorable terms and has announced plans to visit when the border is reopened.

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Premier of Western Australia Mark Magawan will address the media and guests in Perth, Australia, on August 19, 2021. (Paul Kane / Getty Images for Cricket Australia)

“Relationship with China is very important. We spent 50 years building a strong relationship with China, but obviously it was much more difficult than the last three years.”

“When I got the chance to travel [to China] And make sure we get involved again, “he said.

“Western Australia wants to remain a reliable and very strong trading partner and maintain good relations.”

The WA Labor Party administration under the McGowan administration has made bilateral involvement with Beijing a top priority and is a group that opposes China’s human rights violations against Falun Gong practitioners, Wiggers, Tibetans, and Hong Kong activists who support democracy. Is urging criticism from.

In particular, McGowan and several ministers were accused after meeting with members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in October to celebrate the establishment of the Communist Party administration.

McGowan has met at least 34 times personally with CCP officials and made speeches at CCP-sponsored events since its inception in 2016, and has visited China at least four times between 2017 and 2019. doing.

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The Chinese Consulate in Perth, Australia, March 24, 2014. (Will Russell / Getty Images)

The state government was also asked after appointing taxpayer-funded multicultural advisory boards to members linked to the CCP.

Economically, WA enjoys the benefits of continued iron ore exports from mines and feels that interstate highway neighbors are under the brunt of a CCP virus pandemic. Nevertheless, the state reached a budget surplus of $ 5.6 billion last fiscal year.

Iron ore exports proved to be fruitful, especially following record high prices for commodities, but other industries were not intact.

Specifically, after Australia sought its own investigation into the origin of COVID-19, Beijing defeated formal and informal sanctions on Australian coal, wine, barley, beef, lobster, wood and cotton. rice field. Political motivation.

McGowan said that while relations between Western Australia and China have improved, the same cannot be said at the federal level.

“Is it improved? I don’t think so. It hasn’t improved nationwide. We need to work to make it more balanced.”

Daniel Kumerev


Daniel Khmelev is a Perth-based Australian reporter working on energy, technology and politics. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, physics and computer science. Contact him at [email protected]