Australian state police empowered to tackle organized crime

Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) government dismantles state organized crime through new police powers targeting unexplained wealth and the use of dedicated encryption devices used by criminals to stay under surveillance. Announced new reforms aimed at doing so.

The new law expands police power to target and confiscate unexplained wealth, stop people looking for unexplained wealth, and illegal drug traffickers who have been major convicted. Introduces new authority to confiscate acquired assets.

In addition, it is a crime to own a dedicated encrypted device and deny police access to their content.

Deputy Police Secretary Dave Hudson said Thursday that these reforms would help police anticipate the game in the fight against organized crime.

“Historically, the unexplained wealth law really relies on us to prove serious drug-related or similar crimes, and unexplained wealth falls from it,” he says. I did.

“With these changes today and today’s announcement, we carry out an unexplained and dedicated wealth investigation, the responsibility of our focus, and what criminal activity will actually occur in the first pursuit of money. You can reverse the responsibilities of criminals who aim to confirm their investigation. “

According to Hudson, police may only catch the most active and stupid criminals who pay attention to themselves, while the community may only be active for two weeks a year, for example, to promote drug imports. There are other sexual criminal factors as well.

For the rest of the year, they live on illegal profits. [flaunt] No source of income has been identified, “Hudson added.

“What we can do with these changes is to target those individuals, the wise ones, and the ones who have historically escaped these crimes.”

In answering the question, Hudson confirmed that driving a $ 500,000 Lamborghini would raise suspicions for a 20-year-old, and police said, “Surely talk to the driver of that car and they You will get the details of. “

Prohibition of dedicated encrypted devices

Deputy Prime Minister and Police Minister Paul Tour said that the encrypted device is not a regular iPhone, but a dedicated device used to organize crimes such as firearms and drug smuggling, money laundering, and murder plans. I said there is.

He said the app being used couldn’t be detected on a regular communication network, but the criminal saidDark webCommunicate with each other.

Epoch Times Photo
Deputy Premier of New South Wales Paul Toole spoke at a press conference at the Government House in Sydney, Australia, on October 6, 2021. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images)

“That’s why we’re issuing bans. That’s why it’s a crime to carry an encrypted device,” Toole said, giving police access to the encrypted device. He added that he also has the authority to request.

“In some cases, you can get those devices, but you actually deny access to them,” he said. “It is illegal to actually deny access to these devices, and there are penalties.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Police Secretary Hudson added that the reform would empower police to search the facilities of suspected people with dedicated encrypted devices.

The legislation supporting the new reforms will be introduced when the New South Wales Parliament is convened in September.

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