Australian state wins $ 50 million in fines during the spread of the Delta

Australia’s most populous state, the Government of New South Wales (NSW), has fined approximately $ 50 million (US $ 35 million) for violating the COVID-19 Health Directive.

Since March 1, 2020, the government has issued 56,617 infringements worth $ 53.24 million during the pandemic process, according to figures obtained from the New South Wales Treasury Department.

However, most of these fines were issued when the Delta Variant occurred between June 25, 2021 and November 18, 2021, and 53,456 infringements amounted to $ 48.87 million.

By age group, ages 19-29 were most likely to be fined for 21,538 violations, followed by ages 30-39 (12,279), 40-49 (8,900), and 50-59 (4,740). , And under the age of 18 (3,095).

Currently, 15,879 fines worth $ 15.75 million ($ 13 million) remain unpaid.

“If the overdue fines aren’t resolved by the due date, the New South Wales Revenue Service can take remedial measures,” said a New South Wales Treasury spokesman.

“During the pandemic, recovery measures for violations of public health orders were not suspended, so some of the measures taken were bank and / or guarantor orders, driver license suspensions, and vehicle registration. Cancellation was included. “

In most cases, New South Wales authorities have sought to avoid introducing blockages and strict public health restrictions to deal with pandemics. In short, we want to be able to keep the economy running.

However, the emergence of delta variants and the proliferation of infections changed the government’s approach, proving its popularity in other states, including the blockade of the Greater Sydney region by then-Prime Minister Gladys Beregkrian. I chose a strict limit. Restrictions on the amount of movement allowed for each household.

However, the government has since shifted its focus to increasing immunization rates and removing restrictions on the population ahead of other Australian jurisdictions.

Currently, New South Wales is on track to ease restrictions on December 15, or when the state reaches a double dose rate of 95%.

The government recently fined individuals and businesses to comply with quarantine, testing, and quarantine requirements after the emergence of several cases of new Omicron variants in Sydney.

This includes a $ 5,000 fine for individuals (up from $ 1,000) and a $ 10,000 fine for businesses (up from $ 5,000).

Daniel Y. Ten