Australian state with trade presence in Japan at the new Tokyo hub

Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) has boosted its trade partnership with Japan by establishing a new hub in central Tokyo.

New South Wales Prime Minister Dominique Perotet said in Tokyo Thursday that the Trade and Investment Hub was a major step in the trade partnership between New South Wales and Japan and built a foothold in the North Asian region.

“This hub will create NSW’s dynamic and personal presence in Australia’s largest commodity export market, Japan, and will be a shortcut for NSW projects and companies to explore export and investment opportunities in North Asia. Let’s do it, “he said.

“Companies in New South Wales can now be confident that their hometown has an important foundation for one of our most important regional neighbors. Today here ours By increasing our presence, we are helping to create and support jobs in New South Wales by promoting engagement in Japan. “

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The Premier Dominique Perotet of New South Wales will address the media on March 1, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. (Mark Metcalf / Getty Images)

New South Wales and Japan have long been major economic partners, with exports to Japan reaching $ 10.5 billion ($ 7.25 billion) and bilateral trade reaching $ 17.1 billion in 2020-21.

Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo, welcomed the opening of the NSW office and said that Tokyo has many opportunities to start new businesses and is a city that supports smooth business development and deregulation.

“We hope that the Tokyo office in New South Wales will act as a new bridge between New South Wales and Tokyo. We look forward to working hand in hand for further development,” she said. I did.

The new hub will be headed by Michael Newman, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner in North Asia. The team is green hydrogen, ammonia, and important minerals unique to NSW.

“We also promote our state as a great tourist destination, not to mention many opportunities in international education,” he said.

The government is still monitoring New York’s trade and investment commission

Positive from Japan as the New South Wales government continues to monitor the controversial post of former Deputy Prime Minister and state leader John Barillaro on the role of trade and investment commissioner in the Americas. The news will come.

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Former Deputy Prime Minister of New South Wales, John Barillaro, will speak at the COVID-19 Update Press Conference on July 18, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. (Jenny Evans / Getty Images)

Barillaro has resigned from that position, but a major shift was made on Thursday as investigations into how he played an advantageous role are underway.

Former Chief of Staff of Barillaro, Mark Connell, provided evidence of the investigation, claiming that Barillaro was able to establish a position in New York during his tenure and move to New York after retiring from public life, 10NewsFirst. Reported.

“The problem for Barillaro is that all the events that Connell said will happen in 2019 happened in 2022,” New South Wales shadow finance officer Daniel Mookhey told reporters Thursday. Said.

However, Barillaro said that the conversation that was allegedly the basis of Connell’s claim never took place.

“I completely refute Mr. Connell’s remarks,” he said. “The conversation he remembered was fictitious, false, and just a reminder of why we had to say goodbye.”

Barillaro added that if the investigation was committed to understanding the process he was appointed, he should have been called in to provide evidence.

Meanwhile, House of Councilors opposition leader Penny Sharp told reporters that Perotet needs to come “sooner or later” to the committee.

Perotet confirmed to 10 networks that although there were many meetings related to the status of trade commissioners, the former Deputy Prime Minister’s attempt to retain his status as a trade commissioner was never raised.

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