Australian states deploy 12 million RATs to ensure that children are returned to school

The New South Wales (NSW) new semester plan will focus on rapid antigen testing (RAT) to ensure that classrooms remain open under the state government. COVID-Smart Plan..

All students and teachers in 3,150 public and non-public schools in the state are eligible to receive a RAT before the start of the academic year on February 1. Over 12 million RATs will be distributed to schools to support the 4-week test.

Elementary and high school students, school staff, and early childhood staff should be tested twice a week for the first four weeks.

All staff and high school students are required to wear a mask, but elementary school students are advised to wear a mask.

Interactions between annual groups are minimized and visitors to the school, including parents, are also restricted.

The government has invested in improving classroom air quality so far, and air purifiers are dispatched to classrooms that need it.

Dominique Perottet, Premier of New South Wales, said safe return to the classroom is essential for children and their education.

“Students learn best at school. Some students spend a quarter of their school education at home. We promise to bring them back safely,” he said. ..

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On October 18, 2021, at the Greaves Public School in Sydney, Australia, school students will return to school after the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. (AAP Image / Bianca De Marchi)

New South Wales Minister of Education Sarah Mitchell said the school would not be closed if the child tested positive.

“We really shifted from that approach,” she said. Told to Seven Network.. “But as a parent, you will be notified if there are positive cases in your child’s year group, monitor their symptoms, and do those rapid antigen tests just to make sure your child continues to be negative. You will be asked to use it. “

Mitchell said the government has restricted visitors to schools for the first four weeks to minimize disruption to the community.

“We aim to relax that restriction as soon as we find it important to have someone to care for mom and dad, and we aim to do it as soon as possible. “She said.

Professor Robert Buoy, a pediatrician for infectious diseases, said air purifiers are important for keeping the air clean, but how effective it is to prevent people in the classroom from becoming infected with COVID-19. He added that there is still no conclusive evidence for.

“Many people can open windows and make a big difference,” Booy said. Said Seven network. “That’s what they were in England.”

He reassured parents of children aged 4 and 5 who would stay in the hospital for less than 1% of this age group and would only stay for a few days “because of a cold.”

The Government of New South Wales worked closely with the Government of Victoria to coordinate plans with each other as much as possible.

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