Australian Task Force to crack down on gun violence in Sydney

A new police task force has been established to coordinate investigations into the spread of gang-grand violence in southwestern Sydney. This killed three men in a few weeks.

In the last 18 months, gang violence has killed 13 people in the western and southwestern parts of Sydney.

The latest shooting took place on Saturday, when 23-year-old Lami Iskander, the nephew of the murdered gangster Mahmud “Browney” Ahmad, was shot dead at his home in western Sydney.

It was after two commando bikers were shot at a gym in western Sydney on Tuesday night.

Omar Zahed, 39, was murdered and his brother Tarek Zahed, 41, the biker boss of Commandero, was seriously injured.

Taskforce Erebus is led by the State Crime Command under the National Organized Crime Response Plan and oversees the strategic targeting of organized crime networks.

The Task Force investigates the situation and relevance of recent deadly shootings and dozens of violent acts and banned drug supplies, illegal firearms, car theft and various other criminal activities.

Working with the new Task Force are the Australian Federal Police, Detectives in Southwest Sydney, the New South Wales Crime Commission, and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

Prime Minister Dominique Perotet rejected reports that police lacked sufficient resources to crack down on monetized underground gangsters.

“I met Karen Webb last week and I’m completely confident in what they’re doing right now,” he told Sydney Radio 2GB on Monday.

“The Commissioner Webb is completely across this,” he said.

“If someone is involved … you’ll be caught up in this violence, tracked, and trapped,” he said.

The government was also working on a law to crack down on unexplained wealth and criminal proceeds.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Mick Fitzgerald said that Task Force Erebus, based on the information and leads that investigators have already collected, “to continue to target and pressure these criminal groups in all respects. We will secure resources. “

Detectives consult intelligence analysts with the expertise of murder, organized crime, financial and cybercrime, criminal groups, networks and their associates.

“These public acts of violence are dangerous and unacceptable while being targeted, regardless of who the victim is,” Fitzgerald said Monday.

“You need only one stray bullet to hurt or kill an innocent person.

Police investigating criminal gangs have arrested 260 people and charged more than 840 since October.

Criminal Chief Darren Bennett, SCC’s Director of Crime Operations, said the focus remains on the organized crime network, the people associated with the group, and the links between the groups.

“We know the victims of these crimes related to similar circles, and this task force centrally investigates how these connections relate to shooting and possible motives. It makes it possible to do, “he said.

“It also allows resource expert coordination and high-pressure targeting of criminals at the center of the shooting.”



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