Australian teenager ‘hangs’ for more than a year after severe COVID vaccine side effects

A 17-year-old woman from Australia has announced she has been suffering from post-vaccination symptoms for 14 months after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Faith, a teenager from Tasmania, received her second Pfizer vaccination in August 2021 and fell ill three days later. Since then, she has stopped attending school.

Faith’s mother, Tanya, said her whole family wasn’t “anti-vaccine” and was “left hanging” after Faith started experiencing severe stomach pains.

“So we took her to the local hospital. They did a lot of tests and they didn’t understand what was going on. Everything went back to normal.” told 2gb radio.

“That’s when I actually asked the question, ‘Was it a vaccine?’

Doctors at the local hospital believed there was something wrong with Faith’s appendix, so they removed it, even though it was later found to be perfectly normal. She kept crying about the pain.

“So the learning process began. At first it was mainly stomach pains. And fatigue, she was very tired. She was eating very little.”

Her family continued to seek countless tests and screenings over the months to find out the reason for her pain.

Two months after the ordeal began, Faith began experiencing severe muscle tics and spasms.

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Then, on November 18, 2021, experts said there was “no doubt” that Faith had a delayed response to her second vaccination.

Despite recognizing Pfizer’s vaccines as the cause of her symptoms, Faith was not given a treatment plan to help her recover.

Additionally, some other doctors said they’d never seen anything like it before and didn’t know what to do, telling Faith and her family that they didn’t think it was a vaccine. I said no.

One pediatrician attributed her muscle tics and sensitivity to light and sound to too much screen time.

“That’s what we’ve been up against,” Tanya said.

Faith is now diagnosed with functional neuropathy.

Symptoms after vaccination

Similar to the long COVID, post-vaccination syndrome is caused by damage from spike protein load and spike exposure.

The COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) is an American nonprofit critical care professional group dedicated to supporting COVID prevention and treatment. be careful “Severe neurological symptoms seem to be more common after vaccination.”

British researchers also found that the COVID-19 vaccine “is known to cause severe and/or chronic neurological reactions in rare cases.”

FLCCC co-founder and chief scientific officer Dr. Paul Marik previously told The Epoch Times that people with post-vaccination symptoms mostly experience “some degree of neuropathy.”

Post-vaccination symptoms are difficult to treat and more persistent than long-term COVID, Malik said, with some patients presenting with debilitating symptoms for almost two years.

Therefore, treatment for people with post-vaccination symptoms is “more aggressive and more brain-targeted,” Marik said.

Cardiologist Dr. Ross Walker said the COVID-19 vaccine “shattered” Faith’s gut bacteria.

“I think this is relatively obvious,” he told 2GB. “His RNA vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna is highly proinflammatory and was only really tested in the animal world before being administered to humans.”

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according to Management of medical supplies According to the (TGA), more than 63.8 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Australia and 136,500 adverse events have been reported. This means that the chance of side effects from the vaccine is about 0.2%.

The federal government has an injury claim system for COVID vaccines, but Faith’s condition does not meet the criteria for payment.

People who have received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine are only eligible if they have experienced myocarditis, pericarditis, or a severe allergic reaction.

service australia specify Effects such as fatigue, muscle pain, extremity pain, and abdominal pain are not observed with this scheme.

According to a federal budget document filed on October 25, COVID vaccine injury payments for 2022-2023 will be about $77 million (US$49 million), 80 times the estimate for 2021-22. is expected to be

Marina Zhang contributed to this report.

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