Australian telemedicine service restored to meet pandemic demand

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has announced that it will temporarily resume telemedicine consultations to meet medical needs in the event of an outbreak of Omicron.

AMA President Omar Corsid Said In a media release, Health Minister Greg Hunt and Treasury Minister Josh Frydenberg approved AMA’s proposal on January 16 to increase patient access to telemedicine.

“AMA welcomes a six-month return to the telemedicine rules used early in the pandemic. COVID-19-positive patients and other patients wishing to see a doctor should be treated by phone or video. It will be easier to receive, “says Khorshid. “The GP will be able to charge Medicare for telemedicine MBS Level C consultations, which means more time can be spent on the needs of a wider range of patients through telemedicine.”

Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) (pdf) Is a list of medical services where the Australian Government pays rebates to provide patients with financial support for medical services. This includes GP and professional consultation fees, as well as tests and tests for medical diagnostics.

“Other private professionals will also be able to use telehealth to provide relevant consultations with patients over the phone or video, eliminating the need for patients to travel,” Khorshid said. increase.

AMA President said the demand for COVID-19 patients for GP has not yet peaked and many medical practices are forced to triage and care for COVID-positive patients in addition to regular patient care.

He said medical practices to meet the significantly increased health needs within the community require further support from the government.

“With the proliferation of Omicron infections, patients are reaching out to more general practice than ever before. Many clinics are struggling to answer all the calls they receive and provide them with the care they need. “Masu,” said Korshid.

First batch of ordered rapid antigen test arrives in Victoria

News of telemedicine support is announced by the Victorian government with 3 million Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) Arrived from the Andrews government’s recent 44 million orders. Distribution of RAT is scheduled to begin on January 17th.

Workers in a delicate environment and an essential workforce are prioritized to receive RAT. This includes essential workers in healthcare, emergency services, disabilities, and elderly care services.

Victorian people who may have an existing condition that makes them more susceptible to severe illness are also prioritized.

“It’s not as important as taking a third dose as we continue to test. Not only does it improve protection against COVID-19, but it also significantly slows down infection,” said Victoria. Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said on January 16th.

Andrews also promoted the uptake of booster shots, stating that the third dose slowed the spread of the entire population “significantly”.

“It’s not as important as taking a third dose as we continue to test. It not only provides better protection against COVID-19, but also significantly slows down infection.”

Today, more than 60 community and multi-religious organizations are distributing free RATs to people in need of Victorian era as part of their care and support programs.

Last week, over 400,000 RATs were distributed at over 60 Victorian PCR test centers.

The Victoria State Government states that the distribution of free RATs has reduced pressure on the PCR testing system and significantly reduced the waiting time for PCR testing.

Latest data As of January 17, there were 22,429 new cases in Victoria, 1,229 were hospitalized, and 24% of Victorians over the age of 18 received booster shots.

Marina Chan


Marina Chan is a Melbourne-based Australian reporter with a focus on Australian news. Contact her at [email protected]