Australian territory locks out unvaccinated and locks down town after one new case

The Northern Territory (NT) has closed the town of Catherine for 72 hours and imposed what is called a lockout on those who have not been vaccinated in the Greater Darwin region during the same time frame.

This measure was taken yesterday in response to a man testing positive for COVID-19. This is the first on-record case obtained locally in the area.

The man is a contractor at the Royal Australian Air Force Tindal Base, which lives between Catherine and Humpty Doo. He began to develop symptoms on Tuesday and tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday.

During the infection, he visited places near Darwin and Catherine 320 km (198 miles) southeast and was active in the community.

Northern Territory Prime Minister Michael Gunner said the man had caught the virus in his territory because he hadn’t been out of the Northern Territory recently.

“We don’t know where or when, but this is a community communication,” he told reporters Thursday night.

Unvaccinated men are quarantined in Catherine and transferred by Care Flight to a Howard Springs quarantine facility.

According to the release of NT Health, his roommates in both Darwin and Catherine have been tested and quarantined.

Lockdown and lockout

The Northern Territory Government has blocked or blocked the Catherine and Greater Darwin regions for 72 hours.

From November 5th, Catherine has been completely blocked. However, due to the high immunization rates in Darwin, the Northern Territory government imposes so-called “lockouts”.

This means that fully vaccinated people will live normally within the following municipalities of Darwin, Palmerston, Richfield Council, Wagate Shire, Beluen Shire, Dundee, Vinoe, Charlotte and the Cox Peninsula. It means you can continue.

At Catherine, residents can only leave home for five reasons.

These are seeking treatment, including getting a COVID-19 test or vaccination. Purchase essential goods and services. And attending work that is considered essential.

Catherine residents can also go out for an hour of exercise a day with one other person, as long as they are within a 5 km radius of their home. They may also leave their homes to provide care and support to their families and those who cannot support themselves.

“There are three main reasons why we need to completely blockade Catherine,” Gunner said. “First, the source of the infection is unknown, second, he spent a whole day working on an infectious disease in Tindal, and third, the Katherine region has not yet been fully vaccinated. “

Currently, 75% of Catherine residents take at least one dose and 65% take a second dose.

On the other hand, due to the high vaccination rate, “the response to Greater Darwin is different,” Gunner said.

In Greater Darwin, fully vaccinated people can live their lives as usual, but they need to wear masks.

They have free movement and free access. That is, they can go to work, enter stores, and visit the homes of other vaccinated people in the Greater Darwin area.

This means that those who have not been vaccinated, and those who have only received the first shot, must stay home during the 72-hour lockout period.

They are only allowed to leave the house for the same five reasons as Catherine’s inhabitants.

Epoch Times Sydney Staff