Australian Water Minister Suggests May Extend Deadline for Murray-Darling Basin Project

Water Minister Tanya Plibersek said the Labor government could extend the 2024 deadline to return 450 gigaliters of water to the Murray-Darling basin after recently labeling the target as “challenging.” Suggested.

Talk in Sky news On July 28, Priversek accused the coalition of abandoning its goals during its tenure, stating that it had returned only two gigaliters during the ten years that the coalition was in power.

“There is a 2024 deadline for getting another 448GL. It’s challenging — I’m not going to pretend it’s not, it’s challenging,” she said.

“I’m considering all the options. To reach that goal, all the options are in the table.

“But in almost 10 years, the previous administration returned 2GL, especially for environmental use in South Australia, so in almost 10 years the previous administration got two of the 450 promised.”

450 gigaliters will be returned to the state under the A $ 13 billion (US $ 9.1 billion) Maredering Basin plan enacted in 2013 with bipartisan support under the Girard government in 2012. Was promised to South Australia. Conditions for signing up.

Pribersk added that he has been working with South Australia’s counterpart Susan Close on how to reach the goal.

In addition, during a parliamentary question time on July 28, Priversk gave the Labor Party more water (an additional 2 gigaliters) in two months than the Union had in the last decade for the Murray-Darling Basin. He said he had a contract.

but, NT News reported The coalition had actually contracted for 23.3 giga liters to be returned while in power, even though only 2 giga liters were officially delivered.

Backtracking of important election promises

Kuomintang leader David Littleproud and Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young have accused the Commonwealth Labor Party of “violating” major election promises.

During the campaign prior to the May federal elections, Prime Minister Anthony Albanigi promised to deliver 450 gigaliters in full by June 2024.

“There are now tools available for ministers to return large amounts of water to the environment in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” said Hanson Young, who introduced the Commonwealth Labor Party by former Moratorium leader Barnaby Joyce. He added that the water repurchase moratorium should be lifted. Farmers who want to sell water back to the environment can do so.

“The proposal to delay the water promised to South Australia doesn’t work downstream of Murray,” Hanson Young said.

Littleproud also accused Pribersk of not understanding water policy, instead saying that the Minister of Water “completely downplays and ignores the trauma that the basin community has endured through this program.”

According to the September 2020 report (pdf), Drought water availability, commodity prices, trade barriers and exchange rates are important issues affecting watershed communities.

Priversek has also promised to fulfill its 2018 commitment to provide $ 40 million to allow indigenous communities in the Murray-Darling Basin to purchase water for cultural and economic gain.

We asked Tanya Priversek’s office for comment, but did not respond at the time of publication.

Henry Jom


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