Australian women liken government quarantine “camp” to “prison”


An Australian woman in an interview with the British news site UnHerd, herself in one of the country’s obligatory monitored quarantine facilities, often reported as a “quarantine camp”, as “in prison”. Explained the time.

Haley Hodgson, 26, was picked up at her home in Darwin, Northern Territory (NT) in mid-November, lied to police and tested for COVID-19 before being taken to a forced quarantine facility. He said he was gone. It was identified as a confirmed case, a close contact with her friend.

Her friend tested positive for COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, after getting sick at work.

After meeting Hodgson with a friend, authorities knocked on Hodgson’s door and ran a scooter license plate to find out where she lived.

It’s not clear if authorities have identified her and her scooter in CCTV footage. It’s not clear if the authorities who knocked on her door were contact tracers or plainclothes police officers.

NT police did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

“They went straight to my house. I didn’t get any phone calls. I literally went straight out and it was two undercover agents,” she said.

Hodgson confirmed to the police that she knew the incident, her friend, and told them where she visited.

“They said,’Have you ever had a COVID test?’ I said,’Yes, I had,’ but not,” she said.

“Literally a month before this, just because I was so scared at that moment and had been to one of these quarantine camps before. So what did I look like? I was really scared. It was just a terrible position to be there, and I just lied and said, “Look, yeah, I have.”

Investigators then left her and immediately called and looked up at her, but said she could not find a record of her examination. Hodgson then admitted to them that she lied about the test out of fear and apologized. She told her that they would wait at home, and that someone would come to test her.

“No one came to test me. The next thing that happened at my house was two other police officers. They blocked my driveway,” she said. This time she said the policeman was a uniformed police officer.

Hodgson left her house and asked the police what was happening and if they were there to test her COVID-19.

“They said,” No, you have been taken away, and you have no choice, you will go to Howard Springs. You are now with us, we are you You can either put it behind a divvy van or you can choose to get a COVID cab, “she said.

She then “COVID cab” to avoid a $ 5,000 fine associated with riding a police split van, or a “divvy van” that can accommodate people arrested in a parcel separate from police officers. I chose to ride.

In response to the CCP virus pandemic, Australian states and territories have declared human biosecurity emergencies, allowing the Supreme Health Officers in each jurisdiction to issue mandatory legal directives.

Police then need to enforce compliance with the directive, often empowering them to fine for violations, entering homes, detaining people and taking them to monitored quarantine facilities.

Epoch Times Photo
Staff will perform a Swabran with a PPE drill on January 14, 2021 at the NCCTRCA / AUSMAT section of the Howard Springs Quarantine Facility in Darwin, Australia. (AAPImage / Glenn Campbell)

There are two mandatory monitoring targets Quarantine facility To accommodate people at the National Resilience Center in Howard Springs, Darwin, in the northern part of the Northern Territory, and at the Alice Springs Quarantine Facility in Alice Springs, southern Alice Springs, also near the center of the continent.

The Northern Territory Government has instructed Hodgson to enter into a forced quarantine in Howard Springs.Around NT rules In that scenario, Hodgson was a close contact and was not charged the usual $ 2,500 ($ 1,751) fee.

Hodgson told police that he did not agree to be taken to Howard Springs and preferred to quarantine himself at home.

under NT methodFully vaccinated people arriving from abroad are allowed to be quarantined in an approved national quarantine zone. For the Northern Territory, these zones are Greater Darwin, Catherine, and Alice Springs. Like the US and Canadian reserves, Aboriginal town camps and communities are considered high-risk environments and are not included in the zone.

Hodgson packed the bag to take to the quarantine facility, with the understanding that she could leave as soon as she returned a negative test. However, upon arrival, she was informed that she had to stay for the entire 14-day duty period.

“I stayed there all the time [tested] “Negative,” she said, later saying she was tested three times.

She was driven to her hut by people wearing complete “dangerous goods” style personal protective equipment.

“They literally drop you into your room and they leave you. They come and say nothing. They don’t check. They don’t do anything,” she said.

“You are delivered once a day and you are just left behind.”

Epoch Times Photo
Meals will be seen on January 14, 2021 in the NCCTRCA / AUSMAT section of the Howard Springs Quarantine Facility in Darwin, Australia. (AAPImage / Glenn Campbell)

In a video taken by Hodgson and displayed during an interview with UnHerd, quarantine officials have issued a written warning to her after violating the rules by leaving the balcony without wearing a protective mask. Can be seen.

“So I’m going to give you a warning, right?” Said a source seen in the video. “It’s an official warning that you have to stay on the balcony and follow the rules while you’re here.”

In the video, Hodgson hears that instead of fined $ 5,000, he disagrees with the rules to remind him of the rules.

Hodgson likened him to a prison in a quarantine facility where all movements were controlled.

“It’s a scary feeling. You feel like you’re in jail. You feel like you’ve done something wrong. What they’re doing is inhumane,” she said. .. “You are so small. They overwhelm you and you feel like you are nothing.”

Hodgson said he was offered barium after asking him to allow him to go for a run because he felt anxiety and “pain.”

Hodgson, who subsequently completed the forced quarantine, said he had subsequently lost his casual job.

NT’s COVID-19 media unit has informed the Epoch Times that a response will be issued next week.

three Has been reported A total of 292 cases of COVID-19 confirmed by NT and one virus-related death were reported on 3 December.

The deceased was a 76-year-old Aboriginal woman from Binjari, southeast of Darwin, whose inhabitants were recently moved to Howard Springs and quarantined.

Their evacuation has attracted international attention due to the unfounded allegations that the military has forcibly vaccinated and detained Aboriginal people.

However, this was countered by local Aboriginal health care workers. He said the inhabitants could not be safely isolated due to the overcrowding of the houses. Some Binjari homes can accommodate up to 30 people. He said he was helping the army transport them to the Howard Springs quarantine.

Currently, there are 1,161 quarantines in the area, with a population of approximately 246,000.

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