Australian women pass China 6-0 and remain undefeated

Tokyo (AP) — Australia appears to have won a gold medal in women’s field hockey.

Hockeyroos passed China 6-0 on Monday and improved to 2-0 in Group B pool play. Australia outperforms the first two Olympic opponents by 9-1.

Forward Ambrus Malone may be noticed by other teams.

“Our team is in a very good place. If you’re a little scared in the eyes of the team watching this game, I think it’s all thanks to our team and where we are. “She said.

Monday’s effort was a follow-up to Sunday’s 3-1 victory over Spain. Australian coach Katrina Powell did not expect a level of dominance over China.

“I definitely didn’t see it coming,” she said. “I definitely asked the girl to build on yesterday’s performance, but yeah, it’s really fun.”

The Netherlands, which ranked first in the FIH world rankings by a healthy margin, beat Ireland 4-0 on Monday, improving to 2-0 in Group A. The Netherlands outperforms the first two opponents by the same 9-1 difference as Australia. ..

However, on Monday Australia was the more dominant team, scoring 6 out of 13 field goals. The victory over China may have been more biased — Hockey Ruth missed all five of the penalty corner shots.

Australia scored a strong goal in the last 7 minutes, scoring 3 goals.

“It’s a little easier to look at as we overrun them,” Powell said. “It never starts that way. It may end that way, and it’s a good result because of the difference in our goals.”

Australian forward Emily Charker scored twice with China after scoring once with Spain the day before. Malone has scored two goals in Tokyo.

“That’s great,” Malone said. “Most of our goals come from great team building, and it’s a lot of backpost touches and stuff like that. So many people go and do it themselves for our team. It wasn’t. It’s like everyone is building up their play and we’re all achieving our goals together. “


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