Australian Women Shine On Day 1 of MEO Pro Portugal Surfing Event

Australia’s top female surfers were excellent on the first day MEO Pro Portugal Championship Tour (CT) surfing event at Super Tubes in Peniche that started on Thursday.

All seven passed 16 rounds, with New South Wales (NSW) Central Coast Rookie Molly Picram and New South Wales South Coast CT Veteran Sally Fitzgibbons prominent from shoulder to head. conditions.

Both surfers scored about 15.50 in the heat, the highest score of the day.

Picklum played against the 2021 CT runner Tatiana Weston-Webb from Brazil and the rising star Hawaiian Gabriela Bryan, but took control early on and never gave up on the lead.

Her best single wave score was 8.33 after she attacked the lip on the first turn and was able to straighten the board back to the lip line for a critical finish.

Fitzgibbons also experienced a tough heat against inform surfers Lakey Peterson of the United States and Robinson of Australia.

Peterson seemed dangerous with consistent rail work and top-to-bottom surfing, but Fitzgibbons was willing to boost speed and maneuver slightly, compared to Peterson’s mid-six-point score. I raised the score to the range of 7 points.

Robinson and Brian were forced to take the route of the elimination round, but both avoided early termination and ended up in 16 rounds.

Another outstanding surfer of the day was Carissa Moore of Hawaii, a five-time world champion.

Moore, who did not make it to the finals at Sunset Beach, defeated Stephanie Gilmore of Australia and Tia Blanco of the United States, scoring 14 goals in two of the best waves.

After her fever, Moore said World Surf League (WSL) Supertubos waves may be tricky, but there are certainly some gems.

“I didn’t have that great performance at sunset, so it definitely feels good to like to wash it off and make a clean slate,” she said.

Epoch Times Photo
Team Brazil’s Italo Feheira will surf in the men’s semi-finals on the fourth day of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics held at Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach in Ichinomiya Town, Chiba Prefecture on July 27, 2021. (Photo courtesy of Ryan Pierse / Getty Images)

Meanwhile, the boys passed the four heats of the opening round, with Brazil’s Italo Feheila dominating.

The 2019 World Champion announced his air game, which was not an option at the first two events in the pipeline and sunset.

Meanwhile, Supertubos presented some perfect ramps, and Ferreira took advantage of them to pull out three frontside turns, put in a clean barrel ride and some great carvings, and scored 16.17. To do.

What they call GOAT is 11th World Champion Kelly Slater, who has to follow a difficult path to the 32nd round.— —Exclusion round— —After finishing 3rd in the heat between Samuel Pupo of Brazil and Imai Karani DeVault of Hawaii.

The next competition call is Portuguese time on Friday morning and Australian time on Friday night.

Steve Milne


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