Australians are expected to spend $ 800 million on Father’s Day


Australians are expected to spend $ 800 million on Father’s Day, and food and alcohol are claimed to be the most popular gift options after the following. Research According to the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and Roy Morgan, nearly 92% of Australians planning to buy Father’s Day gifts are willing to spend the same or more than last year. rice field.

Lockdown restrictions allow most gift purchases to be made online, allowing businesses with an online presence to benefit from Father’s Day shopping.

ARA said it is important for people who buy Father’s Day gift shops online to shop now to give enough time for delivery and avoid disappointment.

“Despite the ongoing impact and uncertainty of future lockdowns, Australians are to ruin their father on Father’s Day. Individuals who are a good sign for retailers towards Christmas. It’s great to see rising levels of consumption, “says Paul Zahra of ARACEO. Note, the Father’s Day forecast was a good sign of Christmas spending.

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People at Chadstone the Fashion Capital held in Melbourne, Australia on December 26, 2020. (Naomi Rahim / Getty Images)

Bruce Bilson, an Australian small business ombudsman, said customers buying Father’s Day gifts are optimistic that they will be “pleased” by small businesses with a strong online presence.

“I think this is in line with growing awareness of co-dependence between local SMEs and their communities,” Bilson told The Epoch Times.

Meanwhile, small businesses without a strong online presence have been particularly challenged by the COVID-19 restrictions, but Bilson believes that many faced challenges to please local customers.

“One of the things consumers are doing more and more is to compare online, which means they will find clear alternatives to well-known local suppliers,” he says. I did. “This represents a new competitive challenge for SMEs.”

Both large and small businesses, regardless of size, are looking forward to spending on Father’s Day.

“Customers who want to be happy on Father’s Day often look for something a little more unique and a little different to please their father,” he said. “And that’s an opportunity for SMEs.”

Those who decide what to buy plan to spend an average of $ 93, which Queensland residents intend to spend the most, spending an average of $ 112 on Father’s Day gifts. increase.

The most popular gifts mentioned by those who know what to buy are alcohol and food (28%), followed by vouchers and gift cards (16%).

Rebecca Chu