Australians imprisoned for filming a dying police officer

Melbourne man Richard Psy was arrested by police and surrounded by media

Melbourne man Richard Psy admits to curse a dying police officer

An Australian man was sentenced to 10 months in prison for filming and ridiculing a police officer while he was dying at the scene of the accident.

Last month, Richard Psy pleaded guilty to rare charges and other charges of resenting public dignity.

The 42-year-old has already been detained for nearly 300 days, so he will probably finish his sentence within a few days.

The judge called his actions “ruthless, cruel and shameful.”

Still, the victim’s family was disappointed by the length of the ruling in the case that aroused the public’s anger.

Last month, Judge Trevor Late said the media had demonized Psy until he became “probably Australia’s most hated man.”

What did Pusey do?

Mortgage brokers were speeding up in their cars when they were pulled by four policemen on the Melbourne highway last year.

All four were attacked by heavy trucks out of the lane while they arrested him.

Senior police officers Lynette Taylor and Kevin King, as well as police officers Glenn Hanfris and Josh Prestony, have died on the scene.

Pusey stood a few meters away to avoid the crash, but then unplugged and started shooting a number of videos. Some of them ran for more than 3 minutes.

The court heard that while Psy remained anchored under the truck, Psy stood up and cursed Senior Police Officer Taylor. According to experts, she is likely to be still alive at the time.

(LR) Kevin King, Josh Prestony, Lynette Taylor, Glenn Hanfris

(Lr) Kevin King, Josh Prestony, Lynette Taylor, Glenn Hanfris

“Go there, awesome, absolutely awesome,” he said, according to a vision from the policeman’s worn camera submitted to the court.

“All I wanted was to go home and eat sushi,” he added.

He soon fled the scene on the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne. The next day, he was arrested at home and initially charged with speeding, drug possession, and reckless conduct.

However, police then discovered a video of Psy and found that he shared it with his friends.

Truck driver Mohinder Singh was sentenced to 22 years in death earlier this month.

The court found that the truck driver was crazy about drugs, suffering from delusions and hallucinations, and was driving irregularly when he pushed the truck into a police officer.

What did the judge say?

On Wednesday, Judge Late condemned Psy’s actions, noting that he was only sentenced for his actions. Contrary to some public opinion, Psy did not cause the death of the police officer, the judge said.

“Your action to record the moment of death of a police officer, along with the words you used when you recorded it, was not only derogatory and horrifying, but also ruthless and blameful,” said Judge Late. Told.

He said Psy has a history of mental health problems, including complex personality disorders that “may help explain some of your behavior.” But he said it did not allow his actions.

Pusey had previously testified that he was embarrassed about the video and often said something unpleasant. [it] It comes out of my head. “

Pusey was also fined A $ 1,000 (£ 557, $ 774), imposed a two-year good deed deposit, and his driver’s license was suspended.

How did people react?

After the decision was handed down in a county court in Victoria, police officers’ families and supporters criticized the decision.

Constable Taylor’s husband, Stuart Schulze, said he felt “almost unbearable” pain every time he remembered how his wife was treated in the last moment.

“This ruling is totally unsuitable for the crime,” Schulze told reporters outside the court. He argued that it was the court’s duty to “set appropriate standards” in penalizing such behavior.

In Australia, prosecutions are rarely charged with resentment of public dignity, and there are no fixed penalties for prosecution.

The head of the Victorian police union also criticized the ruling.

“That day, four fine heroes died, and one soulless coward lived,” Wayne Gut said.

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