Australians may be able to choose home quarantine by Christmas: Experts


Former health director Jane Halton is optimistic that Australia will implement a home quarantine system by Christmas, when the border opens. This can save a lot of money for Australians returning home.

Halton, who also leads a second review of the Australian quarantine system, said that when the 80% threshold for COVID-19 vaccination is reached, home quarantine arrangements will be possible.

“Long before Christmas, we certainly want to be able to get the system up and running with test arrangements,” she says. Said ABC radio.

“I think it is important to keep the following perspectives. [it] It’s not an option for everyone, but for many, the potential for quarantine at home is real and we aim to make it fairly widely available, “she said. I added.

South Australia (SA) is currently implementing a pilot quarantine program that includes the use of a new app that requires participants to contact participants randomly and submit proof of location within 15 minutes.

The app collects information about geographic location, face recognition, etc. and raises privacy concerns after it turns out that police in Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory have unauthorized access to data from the COVID-19 tracking app. increase.

Meanwhile, the SA Home Quarantine App Privacy statement “We guarantee that your personal information will be stored securely, will not be stored longer than necessary, and will be disposed of properly,” he said.

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Parents will use QR code check-in at the Brunswick playground in Melbourne, Australia on September 3, 2021. (Darrian Traynor / Getty Images)

Halton also said double vaccination may be needed for shorter quarantine in the future.

“These are all in the table, but you need to make sure there is evidence. [that it won’t pressure the health system], “She said.

Halton was a fully vaccinated person when asked why some form of quarantine was needed to return Australians if the national plan included high vaccination rates and living with COVID-19. He said it could even infect and spread the CCP virus.

“As we know, there are several stages in the reopening plan, but we are still considering public health efforts to minimize the number of spreads,” said Halton. He added that he would be surprised unless the deal existed within three to four years.There was another “very nasty” development [COVID-19] Mutant. “

Currently, New South Wales (NSW) is the state closest to the vaccination threshold, with 78.8% of the population over the age of 16 receiving a single vaccination and 46.5% being fully vaccinated. Latest numbers..

Deputy Premier of New South Wales, John Barilaro, said the state would gradually open up once 70% of its population was fully vaccinated.

He hinted that when the state is likely to reach the 80% threshold in November, the public will enjoy more freedom, such as traveling abroad and community sports. However, the details are undecided.

Rebecca Chu