Australians need to receive a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine to keep their vaccination status up to date

ATAGI is Has been updated The COVID-19 Vaccination Guidelines state that Australians need three COVID-19 vaccinations to be considered fully vaccinated on February 10.

In order for Australians to be “up-to-date” with COVID-19 vaccination, it is recommended that booster shots be taken within 3 to 6 months of the primary course for Australians 16 years and older. Currently, it is not recommended to administer boosters to children between the ages of 5 and 15.

“In line with current arrangements, this booster is recommended starting 3 months after the last primary dose and within 6 months of completing the primary schedule,” the National Cabinet said. Statement states.

“ATAGI advises that the booster can be safely and effectively administered at any time after 6 months to be” up-to-date “in case the booster was not previously received. “

The National Cabinet said ATAGI’s advice is that the latest status applies only to domestic conditions and policy settings.

However, to please the tourism sector, the national cabinet has stated that foreign travelers are allowed to enter Australia with only two shots. This is despite the comments made by Labor Prime Ministers Daniel Andrews and Anastasia Parasek to Victoria and Queensland.

Both had first before the National Cabinet Meeting Flagged Three doses to foreign travelers when ATAGI changes the definition of the vaccination status.

Their statement is Cry from members of the tourism industry And a member of parliament warned that this could harm the tourism industry across Australia.

However, the Australian states and territories reached an agreement on February 10 with two doses, giving hope to the tourism industry for a two-year pandemic recovery.

Palaszczuk has already pledged a total of $ 1 billion in funding to the tourism industry on February 9, and expects a business return worth $ 4 billion.

The National Council of Ministers also addressed the approach to cruising. It is a major sector of the tourism industry and has been banned since March 2020.

The Cabinet has agreed to resume cruising, but the date of resumption will be left for each jurisdiction to decide.

Australian government too Promises to raise 15 billion New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland are expected to be the first few companies to offer cruising services.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the federal government will work with states and territories to resume cruising in Australia, but the resumption requires a “green light” from both the jurisdiction and the federal. rice field.

He advised on frequent testing and quarantine protocols for cruisers, reassuring that it was a sign that “Australia is returning to normal.”

Joel Katz, managing director of the Cruise Lines International Association, said that a nationally consistent approach to international travelers is certainly “some positive news about change.”

He said the announcement was a “glitter of hope” for 18,000 Australians in the cruising industry, but more “genuine concrete action” was needed to resume the cruise. Stated.

“Most cruise lines have canceled their voyages until the end of May, and it will take months for the vessel to prepare to return, so the government approves the industry protocol as soon as possible so that a cautious and responsible resurrection can begin. Must be. Cruise tourism in Australia, “he said at the February 11th Today Show.

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