Australians over the age of 50 who are eligible for the AstraZeneca vaccine from today

All Australians over 50 Inoculate AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine From Monday at the General Practice Respiratory Clinic and State and Territory Immunization Hubs.

Vaccination will be extended to the GP Clinic from May 17th, allowing 15.8 million doses during this phase of the rollout.

New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazard said the number of vaccinations in New South Wales has begun to increase in recent weeks and called on Australians to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

“People need to understand that the world is a dangerous place at the moment,” he told Sunrise. “We are still an oasis, but it can change at any time.”

“As the New South Wales Minister of Health, I highly recommend vaccination as soon as possible. Of course, see your doctor and discuss with your family doctor, which is the preferred method for vaccination if possible. Please. “He added.

Epoch Times Photo
Blood Hazard, Minister of Health, New South Wales, spoke at a press conference on March 10, 2021 before vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine at St. George Hospital in Kogarah, Sydney, Australia. (Brooke Mitchell / Getty Images)

“My advice to people has seen what happens to people with COVID, but for heaven, get the vaccine as soon as you qualify.”

Jane Halton, a national COVID-19 commissioner, reiterated the hazards of telling the Nine Network that “this needs to continue.”

“The only way we can get out of the pandemic is to get sick or get vaccinated,” she said.

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly has assured regulators and experts to keep a close eye on reports of any unfavorable behavior, including those of greatest concern. Link with blood clots..

“My clear message is that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks. People are watching what’s happening in India,” Kelly told ABC Radio on Monday.

“Don’t hesitate, as it can happen in Australia,” he said. “This is not a compulsory vaccine, so people can choose for themselves, but it is not advisable to wait until the end of the year.”

Kelly didn’t talk much about reports that the federal government was discussing the possibility of importing a new COVID-19 vaccine with French biotechnology company Varneva.

“We continue to talk with different companies around the world about buying one of them,” he said.