Australia’s First Survey on Colonial Impact Appoints CEO

Its Chief Executive Officer is a Commission of Truth and Justice established to investigate the historical and ongoing impact of colonization on the Aboriginal people of Victoria, Australia, and to propose measures for reconciliation. Has been appointed.

Josh Smith of Dungutti, who has experience in law, justice and social policy, will lead the strategic operation of the state’s Yuruk Judiciary Commission, The Age reported.

Australia’s first committee of this kind, the Eulook Judiciary Committee, is modeled after the Truth Commission, led by Nelson Mandela, in South Africa after the end of apartheid.

It is responsible for investigating all actions taken against Aboriginal people, both past and present, starting next month and expected to be finalized three years later.

According to The Age, Smith took up the position on June 21, with Chairman Eleanor Burke, Commissioner Wayne Atkinson, Kevin Bell, Sue Ann Hunter, and Maggie Walter. Work together. Smith is highly regarded and has a large network in the Aboriginal community of Victoria.

A spokesman for the committee told The Age, “Mr. Smith helps commissioners achieve the goals of the commission, including telling the truth, educating a wider audience, and making recommendations on structural reforms.

Wemba, which means “truth,” named after the Wenba / Wamba Wamba word, the Judiciary Committee consists of a panel of five men and women jointly nominated by the FPAV, the Victorian Government, and the International Center for Transitional Justice. Will be done. ..

Investigating the impact of colonization on the Aboriginal people, including empowering the Commission to have witnesses appear before the hearing, is all about Australia’s premier public inquiry format, the Royal Commission. You will be given the authority to.

One of the challenges is The committee will investigate That’s how and why indigenous Victorians continue to experience worse results than non-indigenous Victorians in modern times.

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