Australia’s major political parties to increase funding for the Northern Territory

The coalition and Labor have promised to provide millions of dollars to help the Northern Territory deal with increasing crime, create more jobs, and improve indigenous health care.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised the federal government to spend on April 24. $ 14 million (US $ 10 million) A community-led initiative to mitigate crime in Alice Springs.

I saw a town far away Assault increased by more than 10% Between March 1, 2021 and February 28, 2022, burglary and commercial invasion jumped by more than 49% and 60%, respectively.

According to the Prime Minister, the investment will strengthen CCTV, fund regional diversion activities, support regional patrols and establish a new Head to Health Center to provide mental health services.

In addition, the Alice Springstown Council will receive $ 2 million to refurbish the business district and open a new area for young people in the public library.

Labor says it will offer a crime reduction package similar to the coalition.

At the same time, the Union has promised to invest $ 300 million to build a new hydrogen hub and multiple carbon capture and storage facilities in Darwin to increase the potential of the territory as an energy superpower.

Morrison emphasized that the project will bring about $ 1.9 billion in total investment and create more than 3,800 jobs.

“We want to take advantage of our territory’s position as a world leader in energy, supercharge it, unleash our investment and create more jobs.” The prime minister said..

He also introduced a 5 percent wage subsidy for trade apprentices during the first 12 months of training to increase their number in the area.

This grant complements existing support provided through the Australian Apprentice Incentive System.

“We are not only in infrastructure, but in industries that are known to be very important to the future of territories, as well as in investing in people, investing in skills, investing in their skills, etc. in Australia. We have made significant investments in the future of the region. It is safe, “Morison told reporters.

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October 13, 2013, Alice Springs Town in the Northern Territory, Australia (Greg Wood / AFP via Getty Images)

Alice Springs is also campaigning on the same day, but Labor Party shadow health ministers Mark Butler and Senator Penny Wong said winning next month’s elections would boost the health of indigenous peoples.

According to Butler, the Labor Party’s support package will allow the northern region to train 500 indigenous health workers in kidney and rheumatic heart disease programs.

In addition, Labor has promised to secure $ 15 million to improve water supply in remote communities, allowing the establishment of 30 new kidney dialysis units.

At the same time, $ 12 million will be invested in the rheumatic heart disease program. This includes $ 1.5 million to buy a portable echo cardio machine and train medical staff to use screening equipment.

“Workers will provide more workers and more services to continue to close the indigenous health gap,” Butler told reporters.

“The size of that gap, I think, is now well understood across our country, and today’s announcement focuses specifically on two areas of disease that are of particular concern to the community.”

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