Australia’s Nijerk Blocking Contest Overwhelms Companies, Industry Warns

Australia’s peak trade association has warned that the blockade of the state’s index finger has rapidly caused a major financial blow to businesses and the economy without providing an effective long-term solution to eradicate the pandemic. I will.

A series of blockades pervading the country swallowed New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory, and Western Australia, with further restrictions imposed in South Australia.

However, the Australian Industrial Group (Ai Group) suggests that the rapid enactment of regulations by the state is an overreaction and can be financially negligent. This is especially true if a particular state has been closed after filing a single-digit proceeding.

“We need to avoid a panicked response, and the government needs to weigh a wide range of advice, including health and mitigating the severe economic consequences of tight restrictions and blockades,” said the Australian Industrial Group’s chief executive officer. Chief Executive Officer Innes Willox said. Said..

In particular, Queensland imposed restrictions after recording three cases and a blockade after four. The Northern Territory imposed restrictions after recording one case and a blockade after four. Western Australia imposed restrictions after recording one case and a blockade after three. South Australia imposed restrictions after failing to record the incident.

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London Court closed on June 29, 2021 in Perth, Australia. (Photo courtesy of Matt Jelonek / Getty Images)

Willox warned that slapping the blockade in a few cases instilled unnecessary fear in addition to harming businesses and the economy.

This is what the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) wants to address. It renewed the demand for a nationally consistent approach to COVID-19 restrictions.

ARA CEO Paul Zara Said Australia needs to create a nationally consistent approach to blockades to prevent the unnecessarily stressful turmoil faced by consumers, businesses and retail teams.

“Currently, blockades have different meanings from state to state. If you’re a Sydney fashion retailer, you’re still allowed to open under your current home order. But your current health The instruction is to buy only “necessities” and many retailers operate without customers, “said Zhara.

“We must harmonize nationally with what causes the blockade and what is defined as essential and non-essential retail. The only way to achieve that is with the domestic cabinet. It is due to the agreement in. “

Willox agrees.

He said state leaders had previously justified restrictions to avoid the spread of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus based on health recommendations, but a more effective long-term approach is needed and restrictions The imposition argues that it should be considered as well as health advice, but financial advice, especially given the high likelihood of its continued epidemic worldwide.

“Companies are looking for leadership from the government, which should be based on more than health advice,” he said. “Local eradication may be possible in the short term, but given that the virus will be present worldwide over the years to come, long-term goals are not possible.”

“The real losers of the Nijerk Blocking Contest are the communities and businesses that provide goods, services and jobs,” he said.

In January, after the discovery of a local incident, the blockade of Western Australia for the first five days cost the hospitality industry an estimated $ 500 million, and the state spent more than $ 150 million. WAtoday report.

New South Wales’ own current two-week blockade is set to cost an estimated $ 2 billion, or $ 143 million per day. Australian Financial Review..

Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg has previously asked state leaders like Victoria to be more creative in dealing with pandemic management.

“The blockade is the dullest instrument,” Frydenberg said. Said June 11th, “I think it is very important to avoid future blockages as it affects not only the economy but also the mental health of people. The statistics are very clear.”

Treasurers also said that in states like Australia, which have endured the largest blockade days in Australia, it is important for communities to live with the virus to ensure that people’s lives and damage to their lives are reduced. I said there is. minimum.

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