Austria remains strict about deportation of Afghanistan


Zurich — Austria adhered to a strict policy of returning Afghans who failed their asylum demands on Saturday, even though the Taliban’s rebel advance urged other European Union countries to reconsider a similar stance. ..

“It’s easy to ask for a general ban on deportation to Afghanistan, but on the other hand, it denies expected flight movements. Those in need of protection will be protected as close as possible to their country of origin. “We need to,” Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told APA News Agency.

Austria was one of six EU member states last week claiming the right to deport refusal Afghan asylum seekers. After that, three countries, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, changed their course.

The Oesterreich newspaper has released a poll showing that up to 90% of respondents support the Austrian government’s policies.

It linked support to a famous criminal case in June, when four Afghans in Vienna were suspected of raping a 13-year-old girl who died unconscious.

By Michael Shields