Austrian House of Commons Voting Mandating COVID-19 Vaccine for All Adults

If the bill passes the House of Councilors, Austria will be the first EU country to impose such obligations.

Austria is approaching a compulsory COVID-19 vaccination obligation for most adults on Thursday after the House of Representatives voted in favor of the proposal.

According to the report, the majority of parliamentarians supported 33 votes with 137 votes. Local report. It is now expected to pass the Senate of Parliament before President Alexander van der Beren signs it.

If passed, adults over the age of 18 in Japan will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 from February. However, pregnant women, women who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, and individuals who have recovered from the virus in the last 6 months are exempt.

This move has made Austria the first EU country to impose such obligations, and tens of thousands of angry citizens continue to protest such measures, resulting in a large scale nationwide in recent months. Demo is being held.

According to the government, all Austrian households will be notified by direct mail that free COVID-19 vaccination is required. statement.. After the introduction phase ending March 15, unvaccinated Austrians will be notified every 6 months that they need to be vaccinated.

Authorities also checked Austrian vaccination status at transportation stops and other means, and those who did not provide evidence of vaccination could be slapped with a fine of € 600 ($ 685). I have.

The government said that if the full criminal procedure were initiated, those who refused to fire would be fined up to € 3,600 ($ 4,084), even taking into account the financial situation of each individual. If the vaccination certificate or exceptional reason certificate is submitted to the staff within two weeks of issuance, the fine will be withdrawn.

“Introduction to Health Communism”

Lawmakers say vaccine obligations are needed to protect Austria’s public health. 74 percent The population is completely vaccinated.

Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein praised the House’s decision on Thursday, writing: twitter“In the current bill, in the fight against the pandemic, we have a big, and above all, a particularly sustainable lever in our hands.”

“Vaccination obligations are, among other things, useful in the fight against future viral variants. In this way, we can finally escape this cycle of opening and closing, waves and blockages,” Muxstein said. “The vaccination requirements are based on a very broad foundation,” he added, so he is proud of the bill.

However, Austrian Liberal Party leader Herbert Kickle, who gathered against the law, said Said He was “stupid, stunned, shivered, and shocked” by passing through the House of Representatives, calling this measure “attempted assassination of the inhabitants” and “introduction of health communism.”

To get more people vaccinated, the Austrian conservative-led government has also announced a so-called “vaccine lottery” that offers incentives and reward packages to those who take shots.

Authorities said about € 1.4 billion ($ 1.59 billion) will be invested in efforts to vaccinate people, of which € 1 billion will be used for national lotteries from March 15. The remaining 400 million euros will go to towns across the country. We succeeded in a certain high vaccination rate.

So far, Ecuador, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Indonesia and Micronesia are the only countries in the world that have passed the mandatory vaccine.

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