Authorities warn that lower richland housing development could flood schools

Hundreds Lower Richland Area Planned New Home Local schools, which are already out of space, can become overcrowded, officials said.

While the Lower Richland region has been under development in recent years, the planned housing development on 176 acres of Rabbit Run Road raises questions about whether local school clusters can absorb the influx of students. Includes area.

The state has previously reported that the planned development is opposite Lower Richland High and could result in more than 800 homes, including 515 detached homes.

As a result, according to a letter sent by the Board of Education on May 7, Richland 1 urged the Richland County Council to suspend “construction activities” for a short period of time, leaving Richland 1 with potential for the region. I made it possible to evaluate the impact.

The letter, signed by Richland 1, states: “This information is invaluable in assessing and determining the impact of this construction on schools in the lower regions of the Richland Community, with potential changes in vital statistics. You can be well prepared for the future in relation to facility considerations. Chair Aaron Bishop.

According to Harris, there is a large influx of people, especially near Lower Richland Boulevard, which is congested and even dangerous.

Kevin Steelman, president and CEO of LandTechSC, which develops single-family homes, said he expects the project to begin construction in January 2022. The company, which has not yet been decided, will build a multi-family home on the premises.

“These houses aren’t built overnight,” Steelman said.

Richland 1 shouldn’t be surprised by the potential for influx of homes, Steelman said. In 2006 and 2007, plans to add 1,000 homes to the land were approved, but the Lower Richland region lacked the proper infrastructure to drive expansion of development. ..

“Historically, growth has been limited to some extent, mainly due to the lack of sewerage. Addressed by Richland County “ Steelman said. “The increased sewerage capacity will facilitate further development in the region.”

As a result of the school board’s concerns, Richland County will notify members of the school boards in Richland 1, Richland 2, and Lexington-Richland 5 whenever the county council hears land development issues. Roh, said Chakis Newton, a member of the Richland County Council. The district includes Rabbit Run development.

General members who want to be notified about new development possibilities can send an email to [email protected] to request their addition to the distribution list.

Housing development is zoned Horrel Hill Elementary School, South East Middle, Lower Richland High, according to the Richland 1 zoning map. But it’s not just these areas that are affected by development progress, Harris said.

“There are no more rooms on Caughman (Road),” Harris said at a recent school board meeting. “There are no more rooms on Horrell Hill.”

If schools become overcrowded, as Harris fears, Richland 1 may be forced to raise additional funding to build accommodation for enrolled students. Harris said.

“This has created a financial burden on the area and is now asking taxpayers to increase the number of mills,” Harris told the school board on Tuesday. “Next year, children will go to school somewhere. Taxes may be raised during the pandemic because you have to go to. “