Authorities were confused after the pilot reported seeing a jetpack in the air near LAX. Now, the video shows that it could just have been a human-shaped balloon.

An image of a human-shaped inflatable object floating in Los Angeles.

Photo taken by a Los Angeles Police Department helicopter crew near Century City, California in November 2020. Los Angeles Police Department

  • Several pilots have reported seeing jetpacks flying near LAX since August last year.

  • The newly released video captured by the LAPD shows a human-shaped balloon zooming in the air.

  • The FAA and FBI are still under investigation, but one theory is that the pilot was looking at the balloon.

Since August 2020, pilots have urged federal investigations by reporting that they have seen what appears to be a person with a jetpack flying at high altitudes near Los Angeles International Airport.

Now, the newly released video from the Los Angeles Police Department provides another explanation: it could be a human-shaped balloon that zooms in the air.

First published video captured by insiders KTLAShows what looks like a fast-moving, inflatable object, similar to Jack Skellington, the protagonist of the animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This video was shot by the crew of a LAPD helicopter near Century City in November 2020. The image released with the video also shows the appearance of Jack Skellington floating in the air.

“The FAA worked closely with the FBI to investigate all reported jetpack sightings. So far, none of these sightings have been verified,” a FAA spokeswoman said. Said. KTLA..

“One practical theory is that the pilot may have seen the balloon,” the FAA and FBI said in separate statements to the outlets, and they are still investigating the report. I added.

At least three sightings of a “jetpack man” dubbed on Twitter have been reported since two pilots said they had found a man with a jetpack in air traffic control in August 2020. ..

An American Airlines pilot from Philadelphia said, “Tower, American 1997-I’ve just overtaken a man with a jetpack.” New York Times.. He told the Tower that the alleged jetpack was about 300 yards away from the plane. After a while, the JetBlue pilot also reported seeing the jetpack.

Initial sightings have led both the FAA and FBI to begin investigations, but investigations are still underway.

Potential “Jet Pac-Man” sightings reported again October 2020 When July 2021..

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