“Awakened” gender ideology in British schools encourages more parents to choose home education

The fear that teaching materials that promote “extreme gender ideology” are teaching children may be encouraging more parents to choose home education.

Yesterday, a member of parliament in the United Kingdom exposed children in the name of sex education to “very inappropriate, very inaccurate, sexually explicit and harmful material” by an external provider. Discussed whether the materials were flooding the school.

British actor, leader of the new political movement, Lawrence Fox of the Rebirth Party, and creator of the recently released documentary. “Good Care-How School Makes Your Child Sexual” To the Epoch Times, “We are looking at an absolute cradle for a serious indoctrination of children as we are trying to bring in a very deep Marxist agenda that is not educated at all for children to think freely. I will. “

Opened the floodgate

Epoch Times Photo
Remembrance Party leader Laurence Fox will attend a memorial Sunday ceremony at the Royal Artillery War Memorial in London’s Hyde Park Corner on November 8, 2020.

The government has chosen to mandate relationship and sex education (RSE) education in all secondary schools from September 2020, but Tory MP Miriam Cates, despite its goodwill, has a new RSE framework. “An external provider that provides sex education materials to schools.”

MP has created a game that encourages organizations to discuss explicit sexual activity with children, provides materials containing violent sexual activity, and “self” to children aged 6 and 7 in the name of sex education. He emphasized that he introduced the “Rules for Touching”.

Kim Isherwood, chair of the Group Public Child Protection Wales, has launched a lawsuit on behalf of 5,000 parents and grandparents, overturning the proposal to mandate new standards of religious and sex education (RSE) lessons by a Labor-led government. She believes that “what is happening here is not the education of the child, but the sexualization of the child.”

She told the Epoch Times by email that she knew “hundreds of parents” who took their children to home education for compulsory education in Wales.

“Political Divided Ideology”

Isherwood starred in Fox’s documentary “Groomed” and talked about her case. In this video, Fox has a “political and disruptive ideology” that includes gender theory, critical racial theory, queer theory, and a “transgender toolkit” for children through personal, social, health, and economic education. He says he reveals the degree of concern taught in (PSHE). In some cases, we have found that activism is even partially funded by taxpayers.

Through PSHE in the UK, secondary schools include LGBT content in their teachings. Elementary school is highly recommended.

Acknowledging the harm of critical race theory, Fox pointed out that he believes that “gender theory is as dangerous as it comes because it causes irreparable damage to children.”

“The scary thing about this is that it’s a rampant homosexual aversion. Children who are prone to body dysmorphic disorders during adolescence in life tend to be homosexual or disappear.” He said.

“As a kid’s flesh and father, I can’t wait for what I’m doing to make a living. Children are our future,” he said.

Fox told the MP that “it’s his job to emphasize this,” and added that Miriam Kates MP referred to much of the documentary content at the Commons Board of Education.

“Communist indoctrination factory”

He also requested parents to provide materials to the school and urged them to read them thoroughly.

“I also believe in the rights of everyone to make their own choices and decisions. Whether they think their children are educated or small companions. The education system has become a communist indoctrination factory. “

Fox recently Bad law projectWith Harry Miller, a former police officer and part of the organization Faircop, Sarah Philimore, a family barrister, and Martin Doveny, Deputy Leader of the Rebirth Party. This was a response to “a culture of coercion” and “warning the danger of coercive speech.”

“We’re going to know how much of our foundations are corrupt,” he said.

“And it’s not just primary and secondary education, it’s higher education,” he added.

“It’s all aspects of our education and these people [activists] It’s coming out in life. And they apply the same ideologically driven mantras to their lives, and that’s not all about liberal secular democracy. It’s about freedom of speech, free expression, and the rights of those who oppose it, “Fox said. The gender ideology “has nothing of these things, nor does it have a critical race theory.”

Fox said on Twitter that he recently noticed that he had been suspended for saying “men can’t get pregnant.”

The Epoch Times asked the Ministry of Education for comment.

Disconnect the connection

“What’s happening in the United States is just a matter of time,” Zoe F. Willis, a Catholic blogger, four-year-old mother, and parenting and homeschooling expert, told The Epoch Times. Told.

The total number of children receiving home education in the United States surged to 3.7 million during the 2020-2021 school cycle. Public schools across the United States face considerable opposition and protests about introducing critical race theory and transgender initiatives into their curriculum.

“My future takeaway (accepted in the American context, but I’m sure I’ll be here soon) intervenes a nation between parents and children, breaks that connection, and is clearly wrong. I sacrifice my children for being there, “she said.

“I end with Jolie Note. I think our people, who are gathering children, protecting them now, and preparing for the future of the world, are creating small beacons of hope and light for everyone. People are confident and healthy individuals of our adult children, who they are, that they are loved, and that they have a purpose. I’ll meet, and some people will reject them, “Willis added.

“Still, some are fascinated, intrigued, and want to know more by these bright lights of hope. As a result, how much soul is healed from today’s crazy ruin. Who knows? God has this. All we have to do is pray, love, and trust. Everything will work, “Willis said.

Lifestyle and philosophical choice

“That’s not a common reason parents come to home education, but it’s certainly one of the minority reasons compared to education, especially among Christian and Muslim parents,” said Education Councilor Wendy Charles. Warner told Epoch the Times. Charities are one of England and Wales’ organizations that promote and support the rights of parents or guardians to home education.

She said last week that her father decided to go home because she discovered that her daughter was being taught gender ideology at school and was told to “choose between men and women.”

“He doesn’t think it’s appropriate for his child,” she said.

Charles-Warner said that when the homeschooling mass movement actually began in the 1970s, the most common reason for doing so was “lifestyle and philosophical choices.”

“They felt they should be responsible for their children’s education and could provide a better education,” she said.

But over the years, she said she had heard a lot of complaints about the school system as it was becoming a “worry level” (especially for parents of children with special needs).

“You essentially remove the privacy of your parents. Schools determine what their beliefs about sexuality will be, what their beliefs about religion will be. Parental obligations, parental rights and responsibilities. It’s being compromised and parents don’t like it, so of course they’re going to deal with it, “said Charles Warner.

The Foundation for Faith and Family Values ​​in Education was established in August 2018 in the United Kingdom to promote the view of “Faith and Traditional Family Groups in the Education Sector”.

Nigel Steele, co-director of The Values ​​Foundation, told The Epoch Times by email that “schools are supposed to act in locoparents,” but many parents are now “children are their own values.” I am being taught ideas that are contrary to my view. ” Regarding relationships and sex education. “

Perhaps his primary concern is that “unscientific information about gender ideology and gender identity is causing confusion in children’s minds.”

“Parents are very worried about the content of the sexual and confusing curriculum that their children are exposed to, so they have the courage to solve the problem with their own hands and say that it is enough, and their children. We will start educating ourselves at home, “Charles said. Warner.

Autumn Spredemann contributed to this report.