“Awakened Psychodrama” Undermines the West: British Conservative Chairman

Britain’s ruling Conservative chairman warned that the United States and Britain could not afford to indulge in the left-wing “painful awakening psychodrama” that is weakening the West shortly after facing serious external challenges.

In a speech hosted by the Heritage Foundation in Washington, Oliver Dowden called the “awakened” ideology a “dangerous form of decadence” when “our attention should focus on external enemies.” is.

“Rogue nations are trying to challenge the international order,” he said. “And at the exact moment when our determination must be strongest, harmful new ideologies are sweeping our society.”

“It goes by many names. In Britain, its supporters sometimes describe themselves as” warriors of social justice. ” They claim to have “awakened” to the so-called truth of our society. But wherever they are found, they pursue common policies that go against freedom. “

“You shouldn’t be obsessed with pronouns or try to decolonize mathematics,” Dauden said.

One of the adversities of the “awakened” worldview is that “the western part of the empire is always making mistakes.” “If we just heard that our society is huge, unfair and oppressive, why would everyone fight to keep them?”

Mr. Dauden said the “awakened” ideology is now ubiquitous. “It’s not only in our university, but in our school. Not only in government agencies, but also in companies. Not only in the Faculty of Social Science, but also in hard science.”

He called it a “dangerous form of decadence” that the West could not forgive.

“Just when our attention should be focused on external enemies, we seem to have entered this period of extreme introspection and self-criticism. And it is their own self-confidence in our society. Really threatens to rob.

“When we should show the vitality of our values ​​and the strength of our democratic society, we seem willing to abandon those values ​​to soften this new groupthink.”

Mr. Dauden said the West was “obsessed with what divides us, not what unites us.”

“We conservatives are on the side of those who believe we are the force for the good of the world. The United States and the United Kingdom may certainly be very different societies, but we are the same. Connected by basic values. Neither of us can afford the luxury of indulging in this painful awakening psychodrama. “

He added: Well, that’s obviously not the case. “

Mr. Dauden promised that the British government would “stop the ominous phenomenon of scholars and students who censor or harass left-wing orthodox factions” as cancellation culture spreads on university campuses.

“Today, social media mobs can cancel you just because you dared to challenge one of the fashionable nostrams on the left. Therefore, the conservatives themselves value the value of a free society. We must find the confidence to actively defend. “

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