Award-winning music producer Jared Hancock, 39, has died in a fall at his home in Framingham.

Framingham — for many Jared Hancock He was an award-winning music producer. But for those who knew him well, he was a devoted father, uncle, husband, and brother.

Hancock, 39, died on Sunday after an accident at his home in Framingham. His sister Julie Stande said on Tuesday.

“His children were his whole world,” she said. “He was the best father. He was the best man in the world.”

Hancock was the father of five young school-aged girls.. He and his wife moved to Framingham in 2017, looking to a large backyard for children. There were many places in the backyard that were perfect for children, such as pools and trampolines.

Jared Hancock, to the left of Framingham, was photographed here with his family and fell and died on Sunday. The GoFundMe page has been launched to raise funds to help families.

Jared Hancock, to the left of Framingham, was photographed here with his family and fell and died on Sunday. The GoFundMe page has been launched to raise funds to help families.

“My son and my sister’s son were talking about how much fun it was to visit Uncle Jared’s backyard,” said Stande.

Officials said the incident occurred at Hiram Road’s house in Hancock around 6:30 pm on Sunday. Lieutenant Rachel Mickens, a police spokeswoman, said the death was under investigation.

Hancock grew up in Brockton and became interested in music from an early age. He was a member of his school band and marching band and also served in the Army National Guard after graduating from high school.

His love for music continued into adulthood. In 2005 he founded Surefire Creative Studios I made music, videos and commercials at Lowell. He was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2012.

“He was a very talented musician,” said Stande. “He really loved it.”

Musicians near and far express sadness

Rumors about Hancock’s death spread this week, and musicians at home and abroad expressed sadness.

Summerville-based reggae artist Kevin Hornes Mighty MysticWrites on his Facebook page that he and Hancock have just released the album “Giant” that Hancock worked on.

“Before receiving the news yesterday (Monday), I call you and tell you how great the album is and how grateful you are for putting you in my corner and the phone rang. I intended, “Hornes wrote. “Life is a journey. I continue to work as usual and have no holidays. From the mobile studio to the Surefire headquarters, I created the magic of mysterious music. I miss my brother.”

London-based singer Haley GriffithHead of the Haley Griffith Band, thank you for writing about your music career on her Facebook page and persuading Hancock to try music.

“Jay was like my brother to me. He was always at the end of the phone, motivating, giving stimulating speeches and listening to and supporting me in difficult times,” Griffith wrote. I am. “The first song we wrote together,’Separated by Glass’, is now forever inspirational and I’m overwhelmed by the inability to hear the new rock version of HGB. For those who have the “Silver Screen” album, he co-authored and produced all the tracks, and several tracks, including my last single “Haunted”, appeared on the HGB show.

Surefire Creative Studios Announcement of Hancock’s death on Monday With statement:

“It’s very sad to write this to announce the death of our beloved Jared Hancock, co-founder and CEO of Surefire Creative Studios. With his role in Surefire, Jared is a wonderful father, Remembered as a son. Brothers, mentors, and friends of many. “

Support for Jared Hancock Wife and children

Stande founded GoFundMe to raise money for Hancock’s wife and children. Mr Stande said Hancock was the only provider of the family. Fundraising is seeking $ 75,000 to help pay for family home mortgages and children’s education. As of Tuesday afternoon, Fundraising has raised over $ 35,000..

“We just want to make sure our family is caring for us,” said Stande. “This was a very strange accident. It’s very unexpected and everyone is struggling with it. It’s tragic.”

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