Azov Regiment Commander Denys Prokopenko takes over command


DENYS KARLOVKYI – Saturday, June 18, 2022, 22:36

Denys Prokopenko, commander of the Azov Regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine, has taken over the task of Major Mikita Nadchii.

sauce: Major Nadtochii’s comment Radio Svoboda

Quote from Nadtochii: “It was just a telegram message [from Denys Prokopenko – ed.]”Whenever you are ready to take up that position, contact such people and go and take command until I return.”

detail: Proco Penco is currently a prisoner of war in Russia.

During the siege of Mariupol, Nadchii commanded the second battalion of the Azov Regiment.

Nadtochii said he was injured in a battle at Azovstal in early March of the siege of Mariupol. A rocket launched from a Russian assault plane exploded right next to him as he attempted to transport the dead and injured to a hospital on the territory of Azovstal. Rocket debris hit Nadchii’s head, legs, abdomen, and left arm.

On March 21, a Ukrainian helicopter evacuated Nadtochii along with other seriously injured soldiers. He was one of the first people to evacuate from Azovstal by helicopter.

According to Nadtochii, helicopters first delivered food and then began evacuating seriously injured people, including themselves.

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Just a while ago:

  • National Security Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov Said Most of the Ukrainian soldiers evacuated from Mariupol are in the occupied territories of Donetsk Oblast. Sources from Ukrainska Pravda of the Ukrainian government 2,449 people Those who have left Azovstal are now taken prisoner in Olenifka, an urban settlement in the Donetsk region.

  • Defenders of Mariupol left Azovstal and headed for Russian-controlled Ukrainian territory between 16 and 20 May. According to Russia 2,439 soldiers I left the Azov Stari bunker.Representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross Registered Ukrainian soldiers leaving Azovstal as a prisoner of war.

  • Ukrainian Army Staff Headquarters Stated Mariupol’s defenders have completed combat missions and unit commanders have been ordered to save the lives of military personnel.Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Insisted The only way to rescue Ukrainian soldiers defending Azovstal was to follow the steps above.

  • Some Russians and their collaborators from the temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk threaten Ukrainian soldier with “court”. Despite previous agreements, prisoner exchange has not yet been confirmed.