Baby bison stops traffic with herds as they march through Yellowstone National Park

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“Why are you next to me?”: Bison Rick Scar in Yellowstone National Park

Bison approached a tourist’s car and licked the car window in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. TravelSom Where posted a video on the Youtube page to taste the taste of Bison on a family trip. The woman says in the video because it takes time for the bison to slowly explore the outside of the car with her tongue. “He’s licking all the salt from my car,” she says in the video. TravelSomWhere writes in the YouTube video caption that he is trying to keep a safe distance from the animals. However, she said Bison decided to walk towards her car and lick it for nearly an hour. I’m sorry, I was too excited (I was scared) at the same time, “she wrote in the caption. Credits: Youtube / Travel Som Where via Storyful