Babysitter grandchildren are more than just a godsend for parents

A new study comparing Asian and Western societies found that strong relationships between grandparents and children can benefit the entire family and keep the hearts of grandparents, not just their parents, sharp and dementia-free. ..

Marjory Ebbeck, an emeritus professor at the University of South Australia, investigated intergenerational relationships in her study across Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong and found that grandparents are very integrated into family life in many Asian cultures. ..

“Grandparents often live with their children and play an active role in the education and development of their grandchildren,” Ebeck said.

This definitely means potential parenting, but it brings great value to grandparents by increasing their self-esteem, social ties and health.

“In return, children enjoy an intimate and respectful relationship with their grandparents and have the opportunity to learn more about their families, cultures and stories,” Ebeck said.

Hong Kong and Singapore still have a strong Confucian tradition of filial piety and respect for the elderly.

“This can lead to grandparents having a stronger identity and purpose. The increased interaction between these generations also provides more social connections to grandparents,” she says. I did.

In contrast, inevitably, many older Australians spend their later years away from their families, and many of them are in elderly housing.

“As a result, they are often lonely and less involved with their grandchildren,” Ebeck said.

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Babysittering your grandchildren may improve your life expectancy and cognitive ability. (Monkey Business Image / Shutterstock)

Ebeck says a close relationship between generations can support both the oldest and youngest citizens of Australia.

“The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is not a new phenomenon, but the growing number of women in the workforce, the high cost of raising children, and a variety of other factors have made many grandparents important caregivers,” Ebeck said. Says.

“In an aging society where more parents work longer, we must find ways to create synergies across generations.”

A previous study of postmenopausal women in Australia found that only once a week helped babysitter grandchildren keep Alzheimer’s disease away.

A Berlin survey of more than 500 participants over the age of 70 also found that babysitter grandparents can improve life expectancy.

Researchers have found that the risk of dying for 20 years is one-third lower for grandparents who care for their grandchildren than for grandparents who did not provide childcare.

Some of Australia’s pioneering employers, such as Westpac, Investa, Pitcher Partners, and Australian National University, have introduced grandparents’ vacation policies to provide great financial support to new parents and new grandparents. ..

We offer 5 days of paid leave or up to 12 months of unpaid leave to take care of our grandchildren.