Balaclava-UK CladTrans Activists Mob Women’s Group


A feminist group in Bristol, England, was threatened by a group of transgender activists and anarchists on Sunday, refuting Avon and Somerset police’s allegations that the group had “both sides” of bad behavior.

On June 19th, the Standing For Women Group held an event on women’s rights on the Speakers Corner Tour at Bristol’s College Green.

“The men’s aggression and intimidation women experienced in Bristol were rebellious. Women were told to die and enter the sea by threatening men with masks,” the organizer added. “People in other groups are not expected to bow so obediently to the whims of threatening invaders,” he added.

Standing For Women states that the focus is “especially on the word” women “and on the words of women and other women who clearly define our rights.”


Women’s organizer and women’s rights activist Kelly Jay Keane (also known as Posie Parker) said, “Proposed by our rights, our space, and the totalitarian transgender that promotes ideology. Beed our language. “

“Our attendees are peaceful citizens who comply with the law, mostly women. We have ordinary women talk. We are a wide church. Standing for women. Is non-political and welcomes all women. We even fight for the rights of women who disagree with us, “she added.

Opposition protests were organized by the far left Anarchist FederationIt calls itself an anarchist communist and revolutionary class struggle anarchist,[s] As a membership organization. “

“Bristol is a city with 99% of the feminist, queer, left and anarchist movements and a head-on support for transgender rights. Before the protests on Facebook, they all got results, 1%. Wants to be at home. “

In the footage, a man in black with a balaclava shouted to the woman’s face, “Trance’s right is a human right,” and overtook the police in an attempt to stop the protest. They also tell women to “die.”

“TERFS is not welcomed here”

Transgender activists also had placards with a high degree of sexual insult. They also wrote in chalk, “Terfs are fascists,” “transgender sex workers,” and “then Colston TERF is next.”

Group called Bristol Against Hate wrote on Twitter After the protest, “The group was clearly numerous and spent most of the day surrounded and drowned. Bristol revealed that TERFS was not welcomed here.”

“TERF” is a controversial term that means “trans-exclusive radical feminist.” “Colston” refers to the bronze monument of the 17th century merchant Edward Colston. Edward Colston was withdrawn from its pedestal by activists following the murder of George Floyd in the United States during the Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol in 2020. state.

Women finally I was forced to barricade myself Inside a slug and lettuce pub with police.

“The police asked us to go home instead of enjoying a light meal at the bar we hired,” Keane said, and Bristol’s police were “insufficient and dangerous.”

Bad behavior on both sides

Avon Somerset Police They issued a statement saying that they “promoted the rights of about 150 people to protest in Bristol city center.”

“Two groups with different views gathered at College Green at 1:00 pm, and professional police liaison officers regularly engaged in both throughout the afternoon,” police said.

They added that at some point officers lined up among the protesters to “separate them and maintain order.”

“Both groups screamed from time to time, but there was no spiritual conflict. The right to protest is a fundamental democratic right and we are pleased to be able to promote both of these demonstrations. I think, “the police wrote.

“We are challenging the allegations that some media and the Avon Somerset police have done bad things to’both sides’,” said Kelly Jay Keane.

“The aggressive and threatening men on the MRA / TRA side were very close to our guards and attendees. They shouted obscene words on the woman’s face and tried to push through the police line. There was a physical conflict between a man wearing a mask, “she said.

She told Consul Chief Sarah Crew, PCC Mark Shelford, Mayor Marvin Rees, and the State Minister of Crime and Police Kit Malthouse, “To see how to protect women at public events. I added that I asked him to investigate the video.

The Epoch Times contacted Avon and Somerset police about standing for women’s comments.

Owen Evans


Owen Evans is a UK-based journalist who covers stories from a wide range of countries with a particular interest in civil liberties and free speech.