Bald Eagle Holds Annual Show at Conowingo Dam


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Livestreamed bald eagle “Rita” lays two eggs in the Everglades, Florida, after losing a baby in a storm

A bald eagle named Rita was captured in a live stream laying two eggs in the Florida Everglades nest she shares with fellow Ron. Wildlife Rescue and Miami Zoo in Dade County worked after them to build a stable nesting platform for a pair of bald eagles, their nests destroyed by a storm, resulting in one of the young birds. Died. Over the weeks, zoo staff have observed pairs bringing in various branches and grass to build new nests on the platform. Livestreaming “Eagle Come” was set up With funding from the Ronmagill Conservation Fund, we captured footage of a couple’s eggs laid on November 24th. Since this footage was shot, Rita laid a second egg. If all goes well, the newly hatched child may appear on Christmas or New Year’s day.Zoo Miami “This is for everyone who has spent a great deal of time and effort to provide these majestic birds with a safe and stable nesting site that people around the world can see and appreciate without getting in the way. Very exciting. “Credit: Storyful Wildlife Rescue in Dade County