Baltimore’s aunt stuffed a child in the trunk and drove a car for a year: cop


Baltimore County Police Station

Baltimore County Police Station

A Baltimore woman is said to have driven a car with a terrifying secret for about a year. The corpse of a 7-year-old niece was hidden in a suitcase in the trunk. Then in May, she allegedly broke the trunk lid and dumped her 5-year-old nephew’s body next to it.

It was only a few months later that police found the corrupt bodies of brothers Joshlin Marie James Johnson and Larry Darnell O’Neill.

Baltimore County Police said In the statement After discovering the children’s bodies when pulling 33-year-old Nicole Johnson at a transportation stop late Wednesday night, they were saddened about “indescribable death.”

According to police, brothers and sisters weighing only 21 and 18 pounds, respectively, were likely malnourished before they died. Reported by WBAL.. Their fragile bodies were taken to the Chief Coroner’s Office to determine the cause of death. Johnson was charged on Friday in connection with the laziness and abuse that caused his death.

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“This was a truly catastrophic event,” said Chief Melissa Hyatt on Friday afternoon, adding that it shocked the community and had a significant impact on county patrol officers, forensic technicians, and detectives. ..

of Billing documents obtained by a local retailerPolice allege that Johnson told the detective that her sister, Dachel Johnson, asked her to take care of her children in 2019 when she couldn’t take care of them.

According to the document, Johnson was angry with Joshlin over a year ago and hit his niece several times, resulting in the girl hitting her head. Johnson is alleged to have reported to police since he put his niece’s body in a car suitcase in May 2020.

She told police that Larry’s body was put in a bag with Joshlin’s body a year later, but did not give details of when and how he died.

Johnson was not only charged with multiple neglects and child abuse, but did not report the death to authorities and disposed of their bodies without permission.

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according to Probable cause statement obtained by Baltimore Sun, Johnson was first issued a quote to appear in court after a police officer noticed the unauthorized tag and registration of her car and discovered that she was driving without a license.

The police officer told Johnson that the car would be towed.

At that time, Sun Johnson reported to the police that he had said: “It doesn’t matter. I’m not here within 5 days.”

“Everyone will meet me on the news that will make my big debut,” she added.

According to police documents, police officers smelled the shards while preparing the towed car. According to the document, Johnson tried to escape from the scene when police officers opened the trunk and found the first body in a suitcase, and then found the second body in a plastic bag. Johnson was subsequently detained.

Neighbor Dani Medley told WBAL that he didn’t feel anything was off.

“They always looked happy. When the young women dropped them, they didn’t look like something was wrong. They were always like happy kids with lots of energy. I saw it, “said Medley. “For those who have been caring for children for 20 years, I can’t understand, I couldn’t.”

According to police documents, Dachel repeatedly tried to contact his sister after leaving his son and daughter to take care of his aunt in 2019, but decided to find them until she was informed about their death. I was failing. Sun report.

Baltimore police are still investigating the details of the case to determine why the children arrived in their aunt’s trunk.

“By the nature of the case, it will take time to determine the exact circumstances that led to the deaths of the children,” a Baltimore law enforcement agency said Friday.

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