Bang & Olufsen’s Xbox certified headset sells as expensive as the console

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal

Bang & Olufsen

Last summer, Bang & Olufsen announced the launch of Xbox certified headsets, but since then the official has not disclosed the progress of the product.And earlier today, a section called Beoplay Portal Suddenly, the new product of B&O is on the B&O official website and Microsoft Store. From the product introduction, it can be determined that it is the first work of B&O’s Xbox headset. Since it’s designed for Xbox, it’s no surprise that Portal will have some special features. There is a dedicated pairing button on its body. After pressing it, the headset can quickly pair with the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC computer or Xbox wireless controller.

At the same time, this headset also supports active noise reduction and can provide spatial sound based on Dolby Atmos. Of course, these features are also available in Microsoft’s own Xbox wireless headsets, but in terms of the style of the product, Beoplay Portal with aluminum earmuffs and lambskin ear pads still wins a lot. In addition, this headset can also adjust listening and radio preferences through the B&O app, and features such as Own Voice, which can use sound monitoring and active noise reduction technology to reduce background noise and highlight your voice. As for the endurance, it can reach up to 12 hours when connected via Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless protocol, and the duration of using Bluetooth and active noise reduction is up to a whole day.

Beoplay Portal will provide three colors of black, gray and blue. Black is available now. The other two color versions will not be released until April 29. Its price is as high as 499 US dollars (about 3,260 yuan), and it is as expensive as the console. It will be more difficult for most players to buy it…

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