Bannon says the biral “hell” quote that preceded the Capitol riot was about Pence


Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon denied giving an ominous premonition of the siege of the Capitol on January 6, after his quote spread in word of mouth on Thursday.

Bannon mentioned the exaggerated idea that former Vice President Mike Pence would reject the 2020 election results when he said “all hell will be unleashed” on January 5, the day before the riots. Insisted. Parliamentary certification process.

“The trend on Twitter is because I said,’All hell will be unleashed.’ I was talking about Pence. Call the play and perform the play. Pence Send it back to Arizona, send it back to Georgia, send it back to Pennsylvania, and the Senate at that time was obsessed with Democrats, so it was “all hell would be lost.” That didn’t happen because Mike Pence blinked, “he said in the podcast show’s Warroom.

Banon’s quote comes from the Warroom episode, following the clarification that Senator Chuck Grassley will preside over election voting certification on behalf of Pence only if the Vice President skips or resigns from the ceremony. rice field.

Clash with Pence “Lost” Trump: Book

“All hell will dissolve tomorrow. Understand this. All hell will dissolve tomorrow. It will move. It will be faster,” said Trump’s private lawyer Rudy Giuliani at the time. Said Bannon, who was greeted as. His show of the day.

Pence refused to send the results back to the particular state that former President Donald Trump lost in November.In fact, he Sent a letter to Congress He hit Trump even more, saying he didn’t have the power to refuse the Electoral College vote. Increasingly wasteful I would like to deny the victory of Joe Biden, the then president-elect.

Trump spoke at a rally in Washington, DC, Tell supporters“We stop stealing,” especially before hundreds of people attack the Capitol and disrupt the authentication process. The former president was impeached by the House of Representatives for inciting riots before being acquitted by the Senate.

Bannon’s comment that “all hell will be unleashed” as evidence suggesting that Trump is foreseeing a siege when House’s January 6 committee begins this week. There was also.

“If Bannon knew, so did Trump.” Tweet Professor Emeritus of Lawrence Tribe, Professor of Constitution at Harvard University.

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Pence, Threatened by part of the riot, Said in a June speech “I’ve talked to him many times since we left the office,” he and Trump said. But he admitted, “I don’t know if that day will meet, but I’m always proud of what I’ve done for Americans in the last four years.”

Bannon served in Trump’s 2016 campaign and most of 2017 at the White House. He continues to be a supporter of Trump’s voice. The person who gave the amnesty In the last few hours of his presidency to his former adviser he faced Criminal liability For his role in the “We Build the Wall” scam, which allegedly raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from unquestioned donors.

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