Banon, a Trump ally, was detained for insult

Washington (AP) — Steve Bannon, a longtime ally of former President Donald Trump, surrendered to federal authorities on Monday Insult After opposition to the subpoena from the House Committee conducting the January investigation Riot at US Capitol..

Banon will be detained on Monday morning and will appear in court late in the afternoon. The 67-year-old boy was charged with two criminal insults on Friday. One was refusing to appear on the parliamentary subpoena, and the other was refusing to submit documents in response to the committee’s subpoena.

The indictment came as the second expected witness, rebelled by former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows His own subpoena From the Commission on Friday, and as Trump escalated his court battle to withhold documents and testimony about the riots.

If the House of Representatives votes to insult the meadows, the recommendation will also be sent to the Department of Justice and may be prosecuted.

Officials from both Democratic and Republican governments have been insulted by Congress, but they are very rarely charged with insults.

The prosecution against Banon will be filed after a number of Trump administration officials, including Banon, have rebelled against Congress’s demands and demands for the past five years, including during impeachment investigations. President Barack Obama’s administration also refused to prosecute two civil servants who disobeyed Congress’s demands.

According to the indictment, Mr Bannon did not contact the committee after receiving the subpoena on September 24 until October 7, when the lawyer sent a letter seven hours after the documents expired. ..

Banon, who worked at the White House at the beginning of the Trump administration and is now hosting the conspiracy-oriented “Warroom” podcast, is a civilian who “refused to testify upon request for a subpoena.” The indictment says.

When Banon declined to appear for his deposit in October, his lawyer said he was instructed by Trump’s lawyer, citing the executive privilege of a former Trump adviser not answering questions.

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