Banon demands publication of proceedings documents


Former White House Chief of Staff Steve Bannon has reportedly called for the publication of documents in his proceedings for contempt of Congress, and lawyers have stated they would like to use them in their defense.

Banon has moved to oppose the standard protection order for discovery filed by judges in the district court. Washington post Reported on Thursday.

According to the newspaper, a statement submitted to the post on behalf of Banon “members of the public should make their own judgment as to whether the U.S. Department of Justice promises correct results based on all facts. “.

“In the opposition filed today, Mr Bannon asked the judge to follow the normal process and allow free access and use of the document.”

Banon acquitted congressional insult price After he refused to follow the subpoena from the House Commission investigating the attack on the US Capitol on January 6.

A former White House top strategist was charged by a federal grand jury earlier this month after failing to appear in the testimony record on October 14 in front of the panel, and another refused to provide the document.

A lawyer representing the government in a Banon district court case said there were “less than 20 documents” to provide, but the Banon legal team argued that there was more to find. The post reported.

“The government did not provide a reason to limit Mr Bannon’s lawyers in the use of documents to prepare defenses,” the statement to the post read.

After being charged, Banon stopped in front of a federal court and Said His case was “a misdemeanor from hell” for Democrats and those who tried to investigate and prosecute him.

“Not only the Trump people, but also the conservatives, but all the progressive and all liberals in this country who prefer freedom of speech and freedom should fight for this case. That’s why I’m here today. I’m down. “