Barack Obama mocks Republican election naysayers with chilling football analogies

Barack Obama Reprimands Republican Nevada Secretary of State Candidate Jim Merchant The former president returned to campaign for the Democratic candidate on Tuesday ahead of next week’s midterm elections.

Obama mocked at rally in Las Vegas Strong Merchant Defense The election of Donald Trump is a poignant football analogy.

Obama pointed to the ways of former Nevada merchant congressman who is in fierce competition with his Democratic rival Cisco Agularattempted to “wipe out all Republicans lying about the 2020 election” by claiming that all Nevada elections have been “fake” for the past 15 years.

Obama said Merchant was “not the person you want” to oversee the election.

“It’s like the Raiders were playing the Chiefs, and instead of the referee who’s been calling the game for 20 years, they realized someone said, ‘I’ve spent the past three hours drinking beer and thinking about the Chiefs at last year’s Super Bowl.’ were ranting about how they actually beat the Bucks. They look fair. Let’s hold them accountable.

“If you don’t do it in football games, why do you do it in elections?” Obama added.

Watch the video here:

This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.