Barr warned Trump that suburban voters would lose the election because he thought he was “f *** ing a ** hole,” the book said.

NSFormer lawyer president William barr Warned the former president Donald Trump The next book argues that he will be defeated in the 2020 elections months before the contest because suburban voters regarded him as “f *** ing a ** hole.”

The bar told Trump in April 2020 that his base “wants to see [former FBI Director James Comey] And the rest were held accountable, “said a suburban voter,” I don’t care about your dissatisfaction. “

“In my opinion, this is not a basic election,” Barr told Trump, according to a Washington Post journalist. Bob Woodward And Robert Costa I have written At risk. “Your base is important and you’ll get rid of it. And there are a lot of independents and Republicans in the suburbs of important states that you think are ** holes. I think I’m acting ** Like a hole, you had to start taking that into account. “

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Its feature is Reportedly Shared by Trump’s successor. Entering the White House and observing Trump’s golf toys, including a wall-sized video screen where you can play virtual courses, President Joe Biden said, “What’s the hole?” According to the book.

In an April 2020 conversation between Bar and Trump, Trump refused to change to Bar when the Attorney General told the President that his “main problem” was that he was “politically a genius.” I wrote Woodward and Costa, who said they did.

“I need to be a fighter. I’m willing to fight, so I’ve arrived where I am,” Trump reportedly told Bar.

In the aftermath of the 2020 elections, the Trump campaign filed several proceedings alleging widespread fraudulent voting, most of which were thrown by federal court. Trump continued to claim that the contest was stolen from him, despite many civil servants, including Bar, guaranteeing the security of the election.

“So far, we haven’t seen any scams of a scale that could affect different outcomes in elections,” Barr said. Said December last year.

The former Attorney General adopted stronger language in a closed room and called Trump’s claim “Bull ***” in a private conversation. according to Jonathan Karl’s book “Betrayal” to be released in November.

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Barr resigned from the Department of Justice on December 23, 2020, and Barr’s deputy Jeff Rosen acted as Attorney General until Biden took office on January 20.

Danger will be released next Friday.

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