Barrister puts down wig on strike over legal aid next week


Barristers on the picket line outside Old Bailey and many other criminal courts next week after a lawyer in the UK and Wales resolved to strike because they are pressing the government to increase legal aid funding. Is expected to operate.

Justice Minister James Cartridge said he was “disappointed” with the outcome of the vote and inevitably increased the unprocessed portion of the trial.

The Criminal Bar Association On behalf of barristers in England and Wales (CBA), 81.5% of the 2,000 members voted and 53% approved industrial activities. They will withdraw their workforce on June 27th and 28th and increase their workforce until the week of July 18th, when there will be a five-day strike.

The CBA urges the government to respect the criminal procedure assistance review recommendations that state that barrister fees should be raised by 15%.

CBA’s Jo Sidhu QC and Kirsty Brimelow QC said: The people will be betrayed. “

They said the “survival of the professional crime advocate profession” was at stake.

The strike is expected to cause a great deal of confusion in criminal trials, but barrister Rachel Chan wrote on Twitter:

Strikes are the latest step taken by the CBA to force the government to raise its legal aid rate.

In April, barristers refused to carry out “return work” to intervene to cover the court hearings of colleagues whose proceedings were overkill, but now Justice Minister Dominic Raab is under further pressure. ..

Latest figures for April 2022 HM Court and Court ServicesIndicates that there were 58,271 unsolved cases in the Crown Court.

Cartlidge said: We encourage the Criminal Bar Association to work with us rather than escalating to unnecessary strikes. Victims are forced to wait for justice and only harm them. “

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Chris Summers


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