Bartenders reveal 10 things that people notice when they step into a bar


The bartender is pouring fresh alcoholic beverages into a glass with bar counter ice cubes.

Bartenders share what they first noticed about their customers. Maksym Fesenko / Shutterstock

  • The insider asked several bartenders to share what they first noticed about their customers.

  • They said they were trying to read the patrons quickly and understand how hard they should work that night.

  • Bartenders also pay attention to etiquette, group size and clothing to decide on drinks and repeat their business.

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To provide the best possible service and keep the bar in control, the bartender observes a lot when you come in.

This is bartender Be careful when you come for a drink:

The bartender pays attention to your mood

Bartenders often notice Whether you’re feeling well just after receiving the good news, or you’re feeling sick because your work is terrible, the customer’s temperament.

According to bartender and bar director Ash Miyasaki, bartenders can recognize when they are aware of your mood and when they can cheer you up or provide words of support. Bar Henry..

They try to measure how long you might stay

They can usually tell guests their plans to stay for a while if they sit in the bar right away. If they choose to stand, they may be waiting for more people.

“If they plan to stay for a long time, it’s Give the bartender an opportunity To get to know our guests and build relationships to create a return business. ” Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge..

Your pace tells the bartender how to best deal with you

It is important for them to understand that client Is it for a laid-back experience? In this way, you can do your best at your customer’s pace.

“It’s to know how fast we need to take the steps of service so that you don’t wait too long or move fast enough to make you feel like you’re in a hurry. It helps, “Miyazaki told the insider.

The bartender understands your manners-or lack of it

“Of course, not only are you trained in service, but the bartender is just a person. That is, as soon as we have emotions and we start interacting with you, you are me. You can quickly understand how we behave towards us. “

She added that the bartender-guest interaction is very satisfying when everyone is there to have a good time and it will be a great experience for both parties.

They write down how enthusiastic you want to be

“We also pay attention to whether you seem to be interested in actually having a conversation, or if you seem to be alone to enjoy a drink with minimal dialogue. I’m doing it, “said Miyazaki. “Of course, neither is a problem at all.”

Some patrons come after a long day and just want to decompress. In another example, others go out socially.

“We need to get you to read the energy quickly to know if we really should engage or serve you and let you do that,” Miyazaki added.

They can tell if you are accustomed to bar culture

The bartender will notice According to Isabella Marriott, head bartender, it’s their job to keep an eye out for guests who look comfortable and who don’t. Barbo..

“When you get close to the bar and look at the menu, you tend to keep track of whether you’re confident, embarrassed, or somewhere in between,” Miyazaki said. “This is the first clue as to whether you know what you like and how to order a drink. This is to find the best approach to servicing you. It will help. “

They probably know if you have your first date

According to Marriott, bartenders not only understand how to best serve you and your date, but also know when to chime to start a conversation.

“Sometimes, especially on the first date, I can be an icebreaker,” Marriott told insiders.

She added that she would start with a small story to make people more relaxed.

“When I have to bow to take another order, they are left to continue the conversation we all started together,” she added.

They notice who you are with

Bartenders may pay attention to your group and its demographics in an attempt to target specific needs and needs.

“Groups usually celebrate something that leads to champagne service and upsell large drinks, wines and cocktails,” McCutcheon told insiders.

The bartender may check if you are wearing professional clothes

The bartender also notices If the guest is wearing business clothes. According to McCutcheon, this helps determine if they live or work in the area and can turn into frequent guests.

“They may work in the area, and if the bartender or staff can build good relationships with guests, they can turn them into regulars,” McCachon said.

“Similarly, if they have a good time, it may attract other businesses from their office.”

They check what you brought

If someone comes alone bartender You might check what they brought.

Having a laptop, books, and newspapers has been sitting in the bar for a while, as it may suggest that guests are coming to kill time or work. Based on that, McCutcheon explained, bartenders can come up with better drink suggestions.

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