Battle producer Scott Rudin resigns from Broadway League

New York (AP) — Film and theater producer Scott Rudin has resigned from the powerful Broadway League after decades of allegations of abusive and violent behavior.

“I know that apologies are never enough,” said Rudin, who made achievements such as the resurrection of the “Alabama Story,” “Book of Mormon,” and “West Side Story.” I emailed the New York Times this week.. “As we step back, I’m going to tackle my problem and I’m fully aware that many feel this is too little and too late.”

The Broadway League is an industry association for theater owners and producers.

His decision follows the Hollywood Reporter’s cover story earlier this month, which includes an account he hasn’t denied, throwing things at employees and engaging in ongoing verbal abuse.

62-year-old Rudin had previously stated that he would “retreat” from stage production.

Most of Rudin’s collaborators were quiet following this article, but some prominent unions have responded earlier. The Equity Association of Actors, who represent more than 51,000 professional actors and stage managers in live theaters, has called on Rudin to free former employees from nondisclosure agreements signed during employment with him.

Hundreds of theater workers marched on Broadway On Thursday, they gathered to demand more inclusion in the industry and demanded that Rudin be removed from the Broadway League.

“Hey, hey, hoho. Scott Rudin has to go!” The crowd chanted.

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