“Battlefield 2042” postponed to November 19th


Battlefield 2042


Earlier EA announced that its new blockbuster “Battlefield 2042” prepared for the market at the end of the year requirespostponeIt will be on sale from about one month to November 19. The reason for this change is that the development studio DICE was affected by the epidemic and must spend more time improving the game. “Considering the scale of this game, we hope that team members can return to the studio to promote development together.” DICE CEO Oskar Gabrielson said, “But the current situation cannot guarantee that we can do this safely, so With the members working hard at home, in order to show the players our “Battlefield 2042″, additional development time is very important.”

At the same time, DICE also promised to share more information about the “Battlefield 2042” beta public test later this month.