Baweitang launched a pair of low-cost media remote controls for Xbox Series X/S


8BitDo Xbox remote

8BitDo Xbox remote

The more well-known product of peripheral manufacturer 8BitDo is their retro wireless handle, but by the way, they will also make some “decent” products. The Verge discovered that the company recently launched a pair for Xbox Series X, Series S and Xbox One, and has officially authorizedMedia remote, The shorter regular version is priced at $19.99, while the “extended version” has an extra numeric keyboard, priced at $24.99. The regular version is only white, while the extended version has black options in addition to white.

Except for these differences (and slightly different button configurations), the other functions of the two remote controls are almost the same. Both have dedicated Xbox keys, four-directional keys for navigation, XYAB keys, and independent playback and pause control keys. The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries, and the buttons are backlit.

Of course, most people use Xbox mainly with controllers, but if you use Xbox as a media player more often, Baweitang’s media controller is a feature-rich and affordable choice. NS. Both remote controls are currently available for pre-order and are expected to ship on September 15.