BBC presenter Andrew Marr “had a nasty bit of COVID,” despite double vaccination.

Andrew Marr states that he suffered a “troublesome” attack of the coronavirus after receiving both vaccinations. The BBC’s political interviewer thanked presenter Nick Robinson for announcing the news on his Sunday show and acting on his behalf last week.

The 61-year-old described his symptoms as “summer colds,” and when he opened the show, he said to viewers, “Despite being double-jabbed last week, I had a little COVID and was very It was awkward. “

He suggested that he may have been infected with the virus during an interview at the G7 Summit in Cornwall earlier this month.

According to government guidance, some people get COVID-19 despite being vaccinated, but it shouldn’t be too serious.

“Like any other drug, no vaccine is completely effective,” so it is advisable to continue preventative measures to prevent infection.

Speaking to Sir Peter Horby, chair of the government’s New Respiratory Virus Threat Advisory Group (Nervtag), Ma asked: I was double jabed in early spring and felt at least almost completely immune, if not the king of the world. Still I got it. Did you just get out of luck? “

Sir Peter replied: What we know about vaccines is that they are actually very effective in preventing hospitalization and death. They are not very effective in preventing infection. So you were ill, but you weren’t hospitalized and there were no deaths. It’s probably because of vaccination. “

Sir Peter said that despite being vaccinated, a “breakthrough infection” could occur and individuals could become “significantly ill” with COVID-19.

He told Ma: “It is very important for people to realize that increasing vaccination rates and vaccination of most older people will result in breakthrough infections. That does not mean that the vaccine will not work— Breakthroughs were expected. What we want to do is prevent hospitalization and death, and vaccines do that very effectively. “

Sir Peter added: I’m in my fifties and many of my friends of the same age have a fairly severe illness and are about to go to the hospital, so it can be quite annoying. “

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