BBC pulls panoramic survey into interview with Princess Diana

Martin Bashir Interviews Princess Diana at Kensington Palace-Tim Graham / Corbis Historical & # xa0;

Martin Bashir Interviews Princess Diana at Kensington Palace-Tim Graham / Corbis Historical

The BBC withdrew its panoramic survey broadcast on Monday Interview with Princess Diana next Death of Prince Edinburgh.

A panoramic survey of how Martin Bashir secured an interview with Princess Diana came on Monday evening, 30 minutes of golden time.

However, after Prince Phillip’s death, a decision was made to postpone the screening on Friday.

The new slots will be included in the schedule of programs that are expected to be very expensive. Critical to Mr. Bashir, The BBC’s current religious editor.

One source said: “There is no way for the BBC to investigate Diana’s interview on Monday. It had expired at the time, but it was decided to postpone the broadcast within minutes of the Duke’s death. There is no new date yet, Duke’s funeral It will be executed at some point after that. “

Panorama surveys are interesting because they are programs that effectively survey themselves. Bashir conducted an interview with Princess Diana, who was dubbed in part of the Century Scoop, about Panorama, the show he worked on when it aired in 1995.

Martin Bashir-Virginia Sherwood / NBCU Photo Bank

Martin Bashir-Virginia Sherwood / NBCU Photo Bank

In an interview, Princess Diana complained that there were “three” about the Prince of Wales marriage. Camilla Parker-Unfaithfulness with Bowles..

However, Mr. Bashir’s method of securing interviews is now under close scrutiny, as companies claim. Concealed subsequent internal investigations Unique. Mr. Bashir has been accused of using unruly methods, including deception and lies, to achieve his scoop.

The Panorama program is expected to be highly critical of Mr. Bashir, who admitted that he had forged the bank statement presented to Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer when it was finally aired. .. The forged statement is said to have helped to persuade Earl Spencer to introduce Mr. Bashir to his sister.

As a result of the interview, it was unlikely that Princess Diana and Prince Charles would divorce earlier, and that a panoramic show would air just 72 hours after the Duke’s death and a few days before the funeral.

The BBC has already partly reported Duke’s death after Friday’s broadcaster cut peak favorites from a schedule that included Master Chef’s final at BBC 1 and replaced it with a show about Duke on both BBC 1 and BBC 2. Faced with complaints from viewers. ..

In the normal BBC process, a special form was posted on the company’s website, collecting all complaints in one place, but it was removed on Sunday as the number of complaints decreased. Senior BBC sources explain that they are obliged to defend the BBC’s schedule and cover “historical events” rather than “follow-up assessments.”

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Prince Phillip’s Amazing Life-Read More

Bashir’s panoramic survey, which is currently postponed, has been conducted for 25 years by award-winning journalist John Ware, a former stubborn reporter for Panorama. It is understood that Ware, now a freelancer, has discovered that he has criticized new evidence that could further undermine the BBC’s confidence in Bashir.

Mr. Bashir is unlikely Approved illness after undergoing quadruple heart bypass, Will reappear on the BBC screen. His fate depends on another internal BBC investigation conducted by former Master of the Rolls, Sir Dyson.

A BBC spokesman said the panoramic episode wasn’t airing on Monday, but claimed it had never been publicly scheduled. According to one source, he couldn’t withdraw because he had never been charged.

Mr. Bashir has refused to speak publicly since his anger at the interview resurfaced last year because of his poor health. However, it is understood that he vigorously defended his method with the evidence given to Sir Dyson’s investigation.